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InVision Cloud Chretien

Craft randomly adds text styles?

I made a few screens with different text styles added to them.Everything is defined and named, but as soon as I sync the document styles it adds random styles and replaces my text styles with those styles..Any idea why this hap...


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InVision Cloud Gavin Carter

Clickable button with Hover state?

I want to be able to create buttons that display a hover state on rollover as well as make them clickable (I.e. link to another page/screen/URL)In experimenting so far, I have found this to not be possible. I can great clickabl...


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InVision Cloud Elizabeth Brookshire

How are you using Boards?

There are so many uses for Boards, including but not limited to mood boards, brand asset repository, and photo galleries. Anyone care to share one of their Boards?


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InVision Cloud Tiffany Nolan

Renaming an imported library

How do I rename a library once I import it? I've tried removing the library, renaming it in the json file and then re-importing it, but it keeps the old name. 

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InVision Cloud Asif Kamal

Craft sync not working

The plugin that I installed is active on my MacBook but I am unable to open Sketch documents into InVision. Is there something I'm missing here? 


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InVision Cloud Beth Vanderkolk

Collaborating with Slack + InVision

Are you using the handy Slack integration to push activity from InVision to Slack so your team will be aware of new comments, resolved conversations, etc.? Tell us your experiences and any tips you have for using Slack + InVisi...

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InVision Cloud Jannita Schnitzler

Library sync different computers

Hi,  We are setting up a library at the moment for a project, but we won't get a sync option to share our work. How can we push/sync to collaborate automatically?   


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InVision Cloud Beth Vanderkolk

Favorite UI kits

What are your favorite UI kits for UI design? Did you know that we offer a ton of free design kits to put to use as you bring your prototypes to life?   Check them out here, and also let us know about your favorite UI kits!    


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InVision Cloud Rachel Trudel

Is there a way to remove all hotspots/linked artboards?

There are cases where I want to remove ALL hot spots/linked art boards that exist within a Sketch file, however, that does not appear to be an option. Can someone confirm/deny that the only way to remove ALL hot spots/linked ar...


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InVision Cloud Lachlan Sunderland

Craft plugin hotspots not syncing consistently

Is anyone else having issues with some hotspots not syncing from Sketch? It seems completely random and inconsistent as to which hotspots sync and which don't sync. In fact sometimes re-syncing changes which hotspots are synced...


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InVision Cloud Innovate By Day

Problem with Overlays

Hi folks, So we've created a series of screens that we want drop-down menus to appear on as overlays. They worked fine when we had everything in one section, and if I go into the hotspot builder on any of the screens I'm using,...


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InVision Cloud Beth Vanderkolk

Tip: Sharing a selection of screens

Quick tip! Being able to share only a selection of screens is such a win for privacy.   If you have any quick tips for sharing your work with clients we'd love to hear about it. Let us know!


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InVision Cloud Ivan Castaño Castaño

Simulate behaviors buttons and input

Is it possible with the prototype to simulate the behavior of buttons and input fields? I do not see that the different states are shown, how can they be visualized? Have I seen some Graft menus that have more functionality ava...


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InVision Cloud Cary Greenwood

Screen As Overlay Too Big

Hey Y'all I'm having an issue trying to link to screens as overlays.  Every time I link to a screen, it shows up very large, and zoomed in.  So big you cant even see most of the screen.  The screens I'm trying to link to are th...


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