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InVision Cloud Skip Hanson

Link to point on screen with fixed headers

Hello. Anyone see the issue that if you try and link to a point on a screen with a fix header, the link comes up short? I figure it's because the tool is not compensating for the fixed header size. It's impossible to get it to ...


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InVision Cloud Adam Nekola

Invision for Jira — trouble connecting?

Not sure if I'm posting in the right place... My Invision for Jira extension isn't working at the moment. It's giving me an error "We're having trouble connecting to InVision for Jira. Try contacting the developer for support."...

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InVision Cloud Sophie Chen

Desktop Fixed Footer Broken

When setting a fixed footer on desktop, InVision seems to cut off/hide the bottom of the screen that’s just above the footer, to instead be behind the footer. Is anyone else encountering this bug? I have tried creating a new pr...


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InVision Cloud andrea rucci

grouping people in Freehand

Hi, is it possible to group people involved in a Freehand session? We are planning a big workshop session using the tool and this feature will be super useful.

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InVision Cloud Ahmad Fauzi SV

Comments disappearing on ios Invision prototype

This has been happening only lately. When I create a new comment on a version 7 prototype, it disappears after i exit comment mode. When i return back to comment mode on the same screen, the new comment bubble number no longer ...

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InVision Cloud Peter Marriott

Scroll bars

Within invisionapp for mobile play mode I am now seeing vertical scroll bars. Can these be removed / hidden.


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InVision Cloud Patrick Thurman

Embedding Prototype to Website

We are considering using InVision for product introductions and possibly development. When testing I was able to embed a prototype from Studio to our pages via Cloud, but there is a "Made with InVision" button at the bottom of ...

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InVision Cloud Karan Chawla

I only see blank screens on prototype.

My team has left comments on the designs I created. I tried viewing the comments and they appear without the actual design. Can someone please help?   Below are the details of my tech spec in case you need them...   Thank you! ...


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InVision Cloud Emily Kirkman

Jira & Tour Points?

Integrating InVision with Jira Cloud My team has been finding this so useful!! One thing I have noticed though is that on selecting the prototype to preview in Jira, the Tour Points are not immediately visible in Preview mode.O...

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InVision Cloud Janik Behling

bullet point

Hey Community,  is it possible to do some bullet points in Freehand by Invision?    Thanks and have a nice evening!  Janik


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InVision Cloud Kelly V Baines

Prototype orientation

hi all,    In a  have a prototype, all the screens are portrait, but one screen is better viewed landscape.  Anyway to change that one screen to flip in the prototype?  

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