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DSM Conversations

Updated Daniel Schitthelm

Feature Request: Simple tables

While using DSM it would be very helpful to have the option to use simple tables for documenting purposes like for comparisons for example a do's and don'ts list.

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Updated Patrick Hansen

Inspect feature within DSM?

are there any plans to offer a feature similar to the current Inspect mode within Invsion Prototype projects into DSM? I think this would be very helpful to allow access to attributes/info of assets other than just type and col...


18 votes

Updated Matthew Vella

Better Refined Search Results in DSM

Search results in DSM could be improved. Pages created under foundations never return any results, and also categories under components section. The search returns alot of noise as it only returns the symbol sketch names. Our u...


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Updated Betty Zhou

Feature Request: Embedding videos to DSM (.mov/.mp4)

My team recently added a new section to our DSM for sounds and tones, but we can't seem to upload videos. It would be great to add videos to document sound effects in context to the interface and interaction. One example of a v...


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Updated Daniel Schitthelm

Feature Request: Text Colors

While using DSM it would be very helpful to have the option to use a color set for text formatting similar like it is provided in freehand. Strangely enough it is possible to insert coloured text from an external source.

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Updated Eric Evans

Libraries don't recognize Sketch color names

My team and I have gone through the trouble to create thorough color palettes (50+ colors) in Sketch according to our style guide, so you can imagine our disappointment when DSM required us to go through the same effort to add ...


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Updated Charlie Shaeffer

A few Questions about Links on Pages

Often times my team and I would like to link to a specific portion of a DSM page. For example, if we have a few sections on a page it can be nice to link to the relevant section for quick reference later. Is there any way to do...


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Updated Chirag Kular

Storybook V6 Support

Using Storybook v6.0.21 and dsm-storybook: 0.0.133.Framework: HTML After following the steps mentioned in the article am running into the following error (found in...


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Updated saleena Jhon

How to connect Invision with GitLab?

Hello Everyone, I have GitLab Server, not Gitlab Cloud, just in case that is important. Can I connect that ? If yes, how and to use it, does the communication starts in gitlab or in Invision? I ask that because we have a very s...

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Updated Alan

Adding gradients to design system

Spent the past 4 days preparing my sketch to fill to use in DSM and I find I can't add gradients? is this a f**king joke? Literally boiling with rage right now.


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Updated Kevin Fales

DSM: Re-order items in my design system?

Is there any way to organize the items in my library? Right now there seems to be no drag/drop functionality to sort items in my library at all, which presents huge problems both during initial setup as well as ongoing manageme...


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Updated Kris Murphy

Hyperlinking Images in DSM

Is there a way to do this? Myself and my colleagues are trying to do this on our homepage and feel this is a quite limited experience for our DSM users if it's not possible.


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Updated Tamara Kluskens

Error while uploading my Sketch document to DSM

Hi, Everytime I'm trying to upload my Sketch document to DSM it hangs at 87% and after that I get the following message: "There's been an error uploading the document, please try again". I tried five times, but it didn't work...


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Updated Gert Bangels

Blurry exports

When I upload my Sketch symbols to DSM, they appear to be blurry, non-retina images. I have tried:- Updating the settings of Craft (which was already at @2x)- Update general preferences of Sketch to include an @2x suffix- Enabl...


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Updated Brent

DSM HTML / Symbol Handling Suggestions

I wanted to give feedback on why we stopped using DSM and hopefully what will be improved in future.  1. I'd like to add real html / css / js so developers can see working examples with interactions and CSS they can rip out to ...


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Updated David Maloney

Add "Color" column as option to text styles table

Our team uses different colors for different text styles. It would be great to have "Color" as an available column to display in our text styles section.  For example our H1s would be black, but our H3s are a shade of gray. It ...

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Updated Greg Rosemblun

Change pixel density of components to 2x

How can I change the pixel density of exported/uploaded components from sketch to de Invision Design System, in order to have a better resolution when seeing the components in the DS.At the moment, with a retina display, they l...


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Updated Gerald hemmers

Link tab in DSM

Hi,  I love all the new features in DSM for example change order of tabs and main header menu items. But is it possible to remove the 'Link' tab from the tabs in draft?  thanks for the reply. 


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Updated Kit French

Multiple Sketch Files Vs Foundation and Component Files

Hello! I'm having some issues in uploading more than 1 Sketch File to the new DSM. We set up separate sketch files for everything in Foundation and Components. Color, Type, Grids, Buttons, Banners etc all have separate sketc...


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Updated Jonas Eriksson

Text alignment changes from center to right

Suddenly, all my DSM (original, not the new plugin) text styles that were center aligned are now right aligned. And it seems there is no way to force them back to being center aligned. I've pushed updates from my main symbols f...

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Updated Julien Bernard

addon-options deprecated in Storybook v6

I'm wondering if you plan to update DSM to remove the mandatory link on options addon of storybook because in V6 this addon was deprecated ? Not blocker for the moment because it's just deprecated but it will be (I think) remov...


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