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DSM Patrick Hansen

Inspect feature within DSM?

are there any plans to offer a feature similar to the current Inspect mode within Invsion Prototype projects into DSM? I think this would be very helpful to allow access to attributes/info of assets other than just type and col...


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DSM Eric Evans

Libraries don't recognize Sketch color names

My team and I have gone through the trouble to create thorough color palettes (50+ colors) in Sketch according to our style guide, so you can imagine our disappointment when DSM required us to go through the same effort to add ...


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DSM Kevin Fales

DSM: Re-order items in my design system?

Is there any way to organize the items in my library? Right now there seems to be no drag/drop functionality to sort items in my library at all, which presents huge problems both during initial setup as well as ongoing manageme...


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DSM Brent

DSM HTML / Symbol Handling Suggestions

I wanted to give feedback on why we stopped using DSM and hopefully what will be improved in future.  1. I'd like to add real html / css / js so developers can see working examples with interactions and CSS they can rip out to ...


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DSM Invision Delen

Background change in dsm

I have the same issue as posted here  


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DSM Minshuo

Bug: Components alignment changed when importing from DSM

Hi, I am using Sketch 57.1 with DSM. When importing a UI components from the DSM, I encountered a bud. In short, the text alignment changed from align in the middle to align to the top. Here're the screenshots to demonstrate th...


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DSM Jono

InVision DSM - Onboarding New Users is Confusing for New Users

PROBLEM 01: INVITING NEW PEOPLE TO DSM IS CONFUSING FOR NEW PEOPLWAdding a team member to the DSM is easy for an Admin, BUT it confuses the new user when the user does not currently have an InVision account. The invitation emai...


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DSM Shaina Torgerson

Getting started with InVision DSM Training!

Come learn with us! We'll cover everything you need to start using DSM. You'll get tips and best practices for setting up your design system manager along with practical advice for using it and a chance to ask questions. DSM En...


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DSM Stephen McGuinness

DSM slowing down Sketch?

The team I work with in my org are having performance issues with their Sketch files while using the DSM and Craft. There is a notable drop in performance with Sketch while they are using the DSM. Would there be a root issue ca...


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DSM Lifestyle Digital

Arabic Typefaces in DSM

It seems Arabic Typefaces are supported by V7 DSM, tried to import them via craft manager but getting in english and to my surprise left aligned. Does anyone else facing this issue ?

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DSM Kevin Hannon

How does this sub folder exist in my DSM?

I inherited a task from another designer (who is no longer at the company) to organize my companies DSM taxonomy.  In looking into it it seems there are limited amounts of sub folders you can have ie. : Library > Subfolder1 > S...


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DSM Mariana Popper

Text Styles are not working on DSM

I haven't made any changes in my files related to DSM, but today I tried to use some components and the text styles are wrong. When I drop the component on a new file the text does not show correctly. To make the text style wor...


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DSM Glenn Bruynooghe

Support web components in storybook?

Our frontend is using web components for our design system. Storybook supports this since release 5.3, but we can't get them to work in DSM. Is this possible? If not when will it be?

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DSM William van Ommen

Export Symbols to DSM problems

Dear Invision Team, I have issues exporting Symbols from Sketch to Invision DSM with the Craft plugin. Some Symbols get stuck in the upload screen. Only way to get out, is to force quit Sketch. Tried a hundred times over. Some ...


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DSM Kris Murphy

How are people adding hyperlink styles to their DSM?

Just seeking some insight into how others are adding hyperlink styles to their DSM and where within their structure are they adding them?My team currently couples them in our Sketch libraries along with our buttons and other "a...

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DSM Vineetha K

Play GIF only once

Hi,   I exported gif from Photoshop to with no loop which plays only once and when i upload into invision prototype it plays in infinite loop. Is there a way to set to play once instead of infinite loop?I am using Chrome Browse...


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DSM Javier

Can I connect Invision with GitLab ?

I have GitLab Server, not Gitlab Cloud, just in case that is important. Can I connect that ? If yes, how and to use it, does the communication starts in gitlab or in Invision? I ask that because we have a very secure network so...


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