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DSM Conversations

Updated minshuo

Bug: Components alignment changed when importing from DSM

Hi, I am using Sketch 57.1 with DSM. When importing a UI components from the DSM, I encountered a bud. In short, the text alignment changed from align in the middle to align to the top. Here're the screenshots to demonstrate th...


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Updated Frank

DSM Plugin does not appear in Sketch

I've onboarded 2 of my colleagues to DSM and gave them access to a DSM project. They both are running the latest version of Sketch and craft. However, none of them see DSM plugin appear in their plugins.


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Updated Gert Bangels

Blurry exports

When I upload my Sketch symbols to DSM, they appear to be blurry, non-retina images. I have tried:- Updating the settings of Craft (which was already at @2x)- Update general preferences of Sketch to include an @2x suffix- Enabl...


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Updated Bianca Rogers

DSM created website not displaying fonts

Hi I'm in the process of creating a new design library with DSM and the website generated looks good. However... when i share the URL with the rest of my team, the fonts are not displaying correctly. The fonts we use are Google...


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Updated Patrick Hansen

Inspect feature within DSM?

are there any plans to offer a feature similar to the current Inspect mode within Invsion Prototype projects into DSM? I think this would be very helpful to allow access to attributes/info of assets other than just type and col...


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Updated Tamara Kluskens

Error while uploading my Sketch document to DSM

Hi, Everytime I'm trying to upload my Sketch document to DSM it hangs at 87% and after that I get the following message: "There's been an error uploading the document, please try again". I tried five times, but it didn't work...


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Updated minshuo

Storybook Unable to load on DSM website

Hi, I have some questions regarding publishing storybook on DSM website. I have successfully uploaded my storybook to the DSM website, however, the DSM website was unable to load my storybook. 1. First, you can see the storyboo...


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Updated Chirag Kular

Storybook V6 Support

Using Storybook v6.0.21 and dsm-storybook: 0.0.133.Framework: HTML After following the steps mentioned in the article am running into the following error (found in...


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Updated Cristina


Hi, I can' t delete itemsI Click the ••• icon in the upper-right corner, but don't works (the icon for open the page works)  Also if I right-click the item.Could anyone help me?Thx


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Updated Felipe de Castro

Link to DSM is not present in nested components

When I'm inspecting a prototype that uses components from a DSM library I can see a link to the DSM page of that component and that's fabulous! The problem is that I can't see this link in nested components, which is really fru...


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Updated Carol Mahoney

DSM: Updating elements

Hi,  In the 'Updating icons and components' section of the 'Creating and Using Your DSM Library' page, it says "You can apply the changes to the element to your file by selecting the down arrow icon; this will apply all of the ...


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Updated Winvision Design Team

Export Symbols to DSM problems

Dear Invision Team, I have issues exporting Symbols from Sketch to Invision DSM with the Craft plugin. Some Symbols get stuck in the upload screen. Only way to get out, is to force quit Sketch. Tried a hundred times over. Some ...


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Updated Kevin Fales

DSM: Re-order items in my design system?

Is there any way to organize the items in my library? Right now there seems to be no drag/drop functionality to sort items in my library at all, which presents huge problems both during initial setup as well as ongoing manageme...


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Updated Maris

Export DSM to Sketch Library

Instead of using the DSM window in sketch, I'd like to export everything in my DSM to a sketch library. Is there any way to do it other than dragging and dropping all the symbols one by one?


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Updated Kelly Knowles

I don't understand how editing versions works in DSM

I've read the documentation on versioning ( but I don't understand this "Shared Draft" thing, there's no mention of it in the doc. This is the only "version" I can ...


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Updated Monica Milstead

Can't add image incomponent or folder description

When I add an item to our DSM I'm unable to add an image in the description area under the title. When clicking on that area I should be able to see the black bar with the image icon, but it doesn't show up in my DSM. I already...


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Updated Stephen McGuinness

DSM slowing down Sketch?

The team I work with in my org are having performance issues with their Sketch files while using the DSM and Craft. There is a notable drop in performance with Sketch while they are using the DSM. Would there be a root issue ca...


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Updated Anmol Kanchan

Syncing changes/updated components to sketch file

Does DSM allow sync components back to the sketch file?Say, I updated some components from one sketch file to DSM and want to update the same components in another sketch file. Is there any way I can update the components direc...


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Updated Produit

Issue craft plugin from sketch to new dsm

Hello, First my apologize if this problem has already been addressed on the forum. I want to use New DSM to create a design system. I created my board on new DSM, so far, it's works. But when I want to upload a component from...


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Updated Betty Zhou

Feature Request: Embedding videos to DSM (.mov/.mp4)

My team recently added a new section to our DSM for sounds and tones, but we can't seem to upload videos. It would be great to add videos to document sound effects in context to the interface and interaction. One example of a v...


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