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DSM Conversations

Updated Kelly Knowles

DSM won't let me update a symbol

I think I messed up when I initially uploaded some stuff into DSM. I added some artboards that contained header symbols, but I did not upload the header symbols themselves to DSM. I know that DSM does still take them in somehow...

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Updated Jamie Aucoin

Symbols being duplicated when Symbol Organizer is run

Here are the steps I followed to experience the issue: New Sketch document Dragged a symbol from DSM with a nested symbol it in (text link with an icon) into the empty document All of the icons came with it and were added to t...


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Updated Matt Bingham

DSM Questions | Updating & Organizing Symbols

Pretty new to the DSM, but have a few questions in regards to how symbols work in the DSM.   Updating Symbols When I update a symbol and then try to add to the DSM (+), it simply places a copy. From reading the documentation it...

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Updated Barb Miles

Undo Delete in DSM

I accidentally deleted a folder in the DSM with a lot of components. How can I revert this? 

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Updated Shane Doyle

Grouping Components in DSM

I'm wanting to group (create subsections) of components in DSM. Can this be done?  For instance I want to put the Text Inputs and its child folders into the Components folder.. Seems like pretty simple stuff but I can do it, an...

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Updated Kelly Knowles

I don't understand how editing versions works in DSM

I've read the documentation on versioning ( but I don't understand this "Shared Draft" thing, there's no mention of it in the doc. This is the only "version" I can ...


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Updated Jono

InVision DSM - Onboarding New Users is Confusing for New Users

PROBLEM 01: INVITING NEW PEOPLE TO DSM IS CONFUSING FOR NEW PEOPLWAdding a team member to the DSM is easy for an Admin, BUT it confuses the new user when the user does not currently have an InVision account. The invitation emai...


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Updated Ollie Black

Unsure why I can't see my boards anymore.

Hi,  I'm new to Invision and am finding the web interface super confusing.  I logged in using one email address and set up a space and created several boards. The URL for this is: The interf...


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Updated Brent

DSM HTML / Symbol Handling Suggestions

I wanted to give feedback on why we stopped using DSM and hopefully what will be improved in future.  1. I'd like to add real html / css / js so developers can see working examples with interactions and CSS they can rip out to ...


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Updated Mariana Popper

Text Styles are not working on DSM

I haven't made any changes in my files related to DSM, but today I tried to use some components and the text styles are wrong. When I drop the component on a new file the text does not show correctly. To make the text style wor...


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Updated Anna Ida

Import all DSM symbols in page at once

Is there a way to import in a sketch document all the symbols at once? I mean not a sync with the library of already in the document symbols but, one import in a black document of all the symbols in the DSM.   Thanks

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Updated Henning Kruhaug

Sharing DSM to the world

The DSM seems to be working fine to everyone that is a member of the organization. The problems is when I change the access in the library to "Anyone with this link", nobody seems to be able to access it . Anyone with this prob...

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Updated Andrew Noel

Reorder sections within DSM

Is it possible to reorder your sections from the DSM window?  It would be great to drag and drop the sections instead of having to recreate them. Also would be good to be able to select multiple symbols at once to move around. 

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Updated Genevieve Carter

Does Sketch Style Guide work / link to DSM

I have set up a DSM which has various assets. Is there a way to automatically generate a style guide using Sketch's 'Create Styles' feature, or do I need to have a pre-existing document containing colours / text styles to be ab...

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Updated Patrick Hansen

Inspect feature within DSM?

are there any plans to offer a feature similar to the current Inspect mode within Invsion Prototype projects into DSM? I think this would be very helpful to allow access to attributes/info of assets other than just type and col...


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Updated Rodrigo Peixoto

Help with Update to Push Changes Craft

Hi,  I have three questions:1 - How to send the shared library with the changes to DSM?2 - How to download this shared and updated library on another machine?3 - How do I send the updates I'm doing? Tks


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Updated Shaina Torgerson

Getting started with InVision DSM Training!

Come learn with us! We'll cover everything you need to start using DSM. You'll get tips and best practices for setting up your design system manager along with practical advice for using it and a chance to ask questions. DSM En...


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Updated Jake Schirm

Managing Icons in DSM

Looking for best practices managing icons in DSM. I am using the Icons plugin to access FontAwesome icons. I placed the icons in DSM but did not make them symbols and am just now realizing that when I update the library the cha...

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Updated Bianca Rogers

DSM created website not displaying fonts

Hi I'm in the process of creating a new design library with DSM and the website generated looks good. However... when i share the URL with the rest of my team, the fonts are not displaying correctly. The fonts we use are Google...


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Updated Carol Mahoney

DSM: Updating elements

Hi,  In the 'Updating icons and components' section of the 'Creating and Using Your DSM Library' page, it says "You can apply the changes to the element to your file by selecting the down arrow icon; this will apply all of the ...


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Updated Kevin Fales

DSM: Re-order items in my design system?

Is there any way to organize the items in my library? Right now there seems to be no drag/drop functionality to sort items in my library at all, which presents huge problems both during initial setup as well as ongoing manageme...


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