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Updated Kannaa Chilla

Pinned What are Shared Libraries in Studio?

The Shared Libraries feature allows you to access component libraries from any Studio file. This is a simple and scalable way to ensure everyone is referencing the most up-to-date components. Adding a shared library Removing ...


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Updated Dan Jordan

Rotate element in Freehand

Hi there, I've recently started using Freehand and I can't seem to rotate elements, am I missing something? I'm about to start a new role and would make good use of freehand but not being able to rotate text is limiting. Th...


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Updated Michael Hermes

Component states in Studio?

I've read through all the available documentation (and I'm honestly just not sure if I'm understanding the process correctly) but is it possible to currently create a component, say a button, and generate different states such ...


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Updated nanoj

Create real text input field to prototype

I used invision Studio for almost every Design Project in our design team. but i don't know why we can't create real text input field or other input field like radio buttons or checkboxes in this tool ! Do U have any suggestion...


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Updated Dhanushka


Hi ,   How do I export All CSS and HTML in Invision Studio .   Thank you  Dhanushka


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Updated Jacob Mariano

Studio - Sticky header nav on scroll

I'm wondering if there is a way to create an animation in Studio that allows an element (header nav in this case) to stick to the top of the screen on scroll, when its original location is NOT at the top of the screen. Similar ...


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Updated Che-Chuen Ho

Invision Studio beta: Overlays

Hi, not sure if I just can't figure out how to accomplish overlays with Studio or if the feature doesn't exist yet? For example, I want to mock up a modal window, popup alert, or a drop-down menu. When using Sketch and Craft, I...


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Updated Yurendra Kurumbang

How to create interaction inside component?

I'm trying to create interaction inside component. Here are the example I can't see any interaction link option to other artboard. 


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Updated Julia Olivier

Overlays in Studio?

Hi all. I'm trying to create an overlay like feature within my prototype. Across my artboards there is a button which I would like to lead to the same pop-up screen, and when exiting that pop-up screen goes back to the artboard...


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Updated Ruth

External link invision studio

Hi,    Is it possible to add an external link in invision studio? Or to do it later when you upload it to   Thanks in advance! 


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Updated Callie Peck

Studio — Interactions links between pages

I'm working on a large set of product wires, and want to keep my studio project organized into pages. But I can't figure out how to link between pages! I only see how I can create interactions between artboards on the same page...


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Updated Peter Kucherov

Master colors in Studio

I propose to introduce a master colors. They can be added to the palette under the name of the master color with the ability to name the color and change the color code in the future. A similar method is used in less css. This ...


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Updated Emily Veras

Illustrator + Invision Workflow

Hi! Does anyone have any best practices for an Illustrator & Invision workflow? I like studio but would like to keep things like vector editing native to Illustrator since they might be adapted somewhere else in the future (i.e...


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Updated Anjan Shomodder

Repeat grid

I am new to ui and ux design. I have used both Adobe XD and Invision studio. I like the invision studio more than XD, But one thing that I miss is the repeat grid feature. Is there any feature in invision like the repeat grid?


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Updated David Throckmorton

Invision Studio - Same page anchor linking?

I would like the simple ability to click a link at the top of the page that links down to another part of the same page, ideally with a smooth scroll animation. This is possible in InVision, but I don't see it as an option in S...


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Updated James Kachan

Scroll to anchor / position ?

Is it possible to have an object trigger an animation to scroll the page? For example, can I set a botton at the top of an artboard to vertically scroll downwards to a specific area on the artboard? Like for a website where cli...


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Updated Guy Claessens

DSM + Studio

Any updates on this one? Is this feature going to be in Studio in the near future? Thanks!


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