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Updated Kannaa Chilla

Pinned What are Shared Libraries in Studio?

The Shared Libraries feature allows you to access component libraries from any Studio file. This is a simple and scalable way to ensure everyone is referencing the most up-to-date components. Adding a shared library Removing ...


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Updated Tobias

Downloading app

Hello, I can't find an exact pricing plans and download link for Invision Studio. Is there anything similar?

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Updated todd wagner

downloading studio

I'm in an endless loop of trying to download studio. I initiate download from the website.  Then an email is sent to me, I open the email it says follow the instructions to download.  I select the only option which is the downl...


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Updated Eric

How to....

Hi, I'm sorry, but I don't find the way to download and use InVision Studio. Can you please help me? Thanks a lot! Eric  

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Updated devkoe

I can't find studio's download link.

I can't find studio's download link. Before, I can download invision studio in "" but now, this url redirects to "". So, I ...


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Updated Hannah Dawe


I want other members to access my artboards in studio, is this possible? We also cannot find anywhere how to download the app onto Windows?! We have looked everywhere HELP.   Thanks 


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Updated Gayan

Blur effect

I cannot find blur effect on Invision studio. Is there any solution for that? Or is it under development? 


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Updated Melissa Watson


A document I was working on just yesterday is not opening, it constantly just says "opening document" in the top but nothing is happening and their is no function as if it has crashed. I have tried both force quitting and resta...


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Updated surendar

Worst design application ever used - Invision Studio

I have never seen such slow and bug software (Invision Studio). There are a lot of good design tools in market but I am supposed to use this worthless tool for design work from my company. 1. Super slow, even the powerful machi...


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Updated Mario Moura

Input text field?

I need to know if there is any chance I can add interactive input text field in my prototype, depending on the string a button will link different pages....


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Updated Emily Veras

Illustrator + Invision Workflow

Hi! Does anyone have any best practices for an Illustrator & Invision workflow? I like studio but would like to keep things like vector editing native to Illustrator since they might be adapted somewhere else in the future (i.e...


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Updated Max Boewer

3d models and videos

Hi to the Invision team, while i was designing a ui for a game i thought that it would be very cool to add videos or 3d models/renders (so that you can interact and rotate them) to Studio. Let me know what you think about it. H...


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Updated Ash Godson

Can't log in

Hi  I can't get in to Invision Studio anymore. I was working in it. Now, when I try get back in with my password (which I've since reset), I get this message:'You do not appear to be a member of the "projects" team domain.Pleas...


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Updated Yurendra Kurumbang

How to create interaction inside component?

I'm trying to create interaction inside component. Here are the example I can't see any interaction link option to other artboard. 


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Updated Seth Albee

Inter font displays as Arial

I am attempting to use Inter, a Google font. When I go to edit and have the text highlighted, it properly shows as Inter. However when I deselect the text layer it displays as Arial.  I have tried re-installing both Studio and ...


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Updated Juan Garizabalo

Upload my Screens into a regular Invision Project

Is there a way to upload my screens into an "old fashioned" Invision Project? I hope this makes sense: With Sketch/Craft my screens are uploaded into a Project that allows me to put my screens into sections, modify the prototyp...


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Updated Pete

Horizontal Scrolling

Hello,  Is it possible to create a horizontal scrolling feature? I don't mean a canned animation but actual horizontal scrolling in an artboard without leaving that artboard ? Figma has that feature and they way they do it is a...


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Updated Eugenie Park

X and Y values showing as NaN

I'm not able to see any components/elements on my Artboard (or my Artboard itself) even though I can see them in the layers. The X and Y value is showing as NaN and I can't seem to change these values. Is there a way to fix this?


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Updated Lucas

Studio crashed and all progress gone

My studio froze and I was forced to force quit Studio. I really just worked 4h+ on something and thought it was auto saved, all my progress is gone. Only my published prototype in Invision is up-to-date. Please tell me that the...


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Updated Jonathan

Publish to website

How do I take what I have created in studio and publish it to my domain site?


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Updated Shai Haim

all my projects are gone

While editing some info to one of my projects I got a "woop, something went wrong" message and then when I refreshed all my projects are gone, even those I have not worked on.   What can I do ?! :(


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Updated Anastasia

Something went wrong with publishing Prototype

The prototype is not published. Reinstalling the program, exiting it, rebooting, etc. does not help. The latest version of Invision Studio is installed. Please help me with this issue 


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