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Studio Zach Ward

Studio: Adding fonts

Seeing as this is still in beta, its probably just not a feature yet... But, is there a way to add your own fonts to Studio? I've search far and near but can't seem to find a answer anywhere.Thanks


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Studio Pierre-Christophe Dus

Prototype not loading correctly

Hello,I use a Macbook Pro 2011 and I need to work on an Invisionapp prototype project.But the prototype isn't opening fine: - on Safari and Firefox, I can see the page that display all the screens of the prototype, but when I c...


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Studio Melissa

SVGs broken

My Studio version - Version 1.15.0Any SVG dragged into Studio has recently appearing as open/broken paths (especially FontAwesome SVGs). This is totally inconvenient. I have exited/entered the program numerous times to find thi...


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Studio Chris Randalls

Vectors Behaving Badly in Studio

So I'm trying to copy and paste some vector artwork, logos, into Studio and am running into issues. Upon pasting, Studio seems to develop a mind of it's own in terms of how it interprets the vector data and things come out look...


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Studio Colin

View prototype in landscape mode on tablet

Hi, I am building a prototype via inVision Studio in 1920x1080 and want to view this prototype on my Samsung Tab a via the inVision app. But the app shows me the prototype only in portrait mode, even if I lock the tablet orient...


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Studio Cherie Tsang

Studio can't publish to web view

Hi, As shown in the screenshot images, I've been trying to update my Studio project to InVision for web-viewing, however, I keep encountering the same error despite trying it for many times. Is there a way to troubleshoot it? T...


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Studio Anthony Maligno

Invision Studio on Windows not working

I just installed the latest version on my pc and when I launch it, the toolbar icon shows up in the bottom but then the invision window opens up but is empty and non responsive. If I click on the toolbar tray icon along the bot...


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Studio Shaina Torgerson

Studio for Windows Update

Hey all! I wanted to drop a note in here about Studio for Windows. We get multiple posts and Support tickets asking what we're doing with Windows, and if it's coming. The answer is yes, it is definitely coming. So why the delay...


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Studio Kelly Knowles

Responsive resizing in Studio?

I know its in early access so I can't expect it to work 100%. Does anyone know how responsive resizing of elements works in Studio? Only thing I can find about it is that "it's part of its core tenant," which doesn't tell me mu...


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Studio Luis Vega Torres

Invision Studio - Text Bug

Text showing attached strings. Tried different font family and still happen. Running Mac OS Hight Sierra 10.13.4 on MacBook Pro Mid 2012


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Studio Che-Chuen Ho

Invision Studio beta: Overlays

Hi, not sure if I just can't figure out how to accomplish overlays with Studio or if the feature doesn't exist yet? For example, I want to mock up a modal window, popup alert, or a drop-down menu. When using Sketch and Craft, I...


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Studio Jon Armstrong

Craft Sync is crashing Sketch on sync

To recreate: Verify shows everything functional Select artboard click Craft toolbar  "Sync" icon in the Craft toolbar Verify the correct project is selected Verify that "Only selected artboards" is selec...


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Studio Evan Bivins

Link Back feature in Invision Studio

Hi, I need to link back to a previous screen like I would in Craft but can't seem to find how to do it or any other articles about it. Am I missing something or is this not available?


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Studio Ida Håkonsson

Studio: View prototype in landscape when uploaded

I want to share a prototype I made in Studio with my colleges. The prototype is made in landscape-mode, and works fine inside Studio. But online and on the invision app it will only show as portrait. Is there a workaround, othe...


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Studio Ido Shavit

Studio feature requests

Center Zoom on selection being the default zoom / keyboard shortcut Rulers Simple bitmap manipulations - Select and copy, Select and cut, Select and crop, Select and fill Dashed lines Password protected sharing


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Studio Pk asas

Web and invision studio preview lags a lot

Hi guys, I was wondering, is the lag in the preview mode in IV Studio normal? what about the lag in the Web Preview link? I mean, I uploaded the prototype to my projects and then shared the link, but when the link is open, all ...


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Studio Jinju Park

Importing sketch file to Invision Studio

Hello,  This is Julia.  I'm trying to import Sketch file to Invision studio but all the assets looks unstable including font, images, graphics and etc.  I updated to the newest version even sketch file.  Could you help on this?...


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Studio Michael Hermes

Component states in Studio?

I've read through all the available documentation (and I'm honestly just not sure if I'm understanding the process correctly) but is it possible to currently create a component, say a button, and generate different states such ...


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Studio Tom Hiskey

Does Studio link with DSM?

The Design System Manager (DSM) intro video suggests it's possible to push and pull components from Studio to DSM and vice versa. However, in Studio I can't see a way to do this. Obviously both systems are new - perhaps the fea...


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Studio Mads Lien

[INVISION STUDIO] Toolbar missing from some of my files

Hi!I feel like I pressed some combination of hotkeys that suddenly hid my toolbar. I can't seem to find how to activate it again.If i create a new file it's there, so it's specifically for some of my files - even if i restart s...


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Studio Olivier Baudry

Responsive resizing of a text

Hello, I would like to make a responsive text, what I mean by responsive is that I want the size of the text to reduce if the size of the device is reduced (or the size of the container is reduced). Not just the size of the tex...


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Studio Konstantin S

SHadows & Blur ?!

I'm Sry Invision Studio Team but what are you doing all these years???I just need to add some shadow to this png, and I'm getting this...         Second thing, is BLUR EFFECT – WHERE TF IS IT???   It's not that i'm not thank-f...


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