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Studio Blake Ramick

Jira Studio App (currently in Beta) Is there a plan for this app to also work with Jira Software Server (local install vs cloud)?  Also, so people are aware this app is on...

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Studio Juan Garizabalo

Upload my Screens into a regular Invision Project

Is there a way to upload my screens into an "old fashioned" Invision Project? I hope this makes sense: With Sketch/Craft my screens are uploaded into a Project that allows me to put my screens into sections, modify the prototyp...

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Studio Mark Sisson

Can't Import Sketch File on Windows

I'm brand new to Studio, using Windows 10.  I want to import a sketch file from the Sketch App Resources site here:  But when I t...


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Studio leandro ariel

How to export prototype to android studio?

Hi, im new to the platform and it is working great         Im using this version. I did some screens and the interactions between them. It is working great.Now that i have the screens...   Is there a way to export to android s...

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Studio Carlos Guzman

does not inspector mode work in Linux any more?

Hello there, I am a developer and I don't use inVision frequently, some of my clients sent me their designs prototypes through inVision and I used to use the inspector mode without problems. Some days ago, some prototypes where...


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Studio Wayne

Studio 1.16.0 Will Not Start PC

Hi I'm trying to open Studio on PC, every time the app starts up I get a blank White box with no login content. Can anyone here give suggestions or work arounds to get Studio working? I am on a ThinkPad L380,  UHD 620 Graphics,...


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Studio Floris Deerenberg

Monitor size problem for fullscreen mode Studio?

HI there, I am trying out Invision Studio and I noticed that when I go fullscreen (OSX) on a high resolution screen (4K) that I get grey areas on my workspace right and bottom side. Sounds familiar? Any solution for this? thank...

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Studio Jeremy Paolini

Using InVision prototyping features with Studio

Is there a way to use InVisions prototyping tools with Studio files?  When I sync my prototype created in Studio to InVision it doesn't have the prototyping features that I get when using Sketch or Photoshop.  The actions in St...

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Studio Peter

Gradient Banding

One of the most annoying things that prevents me from using Studio full time is the banding that appears when adding gradients to designs. It really destroys the design and would in no way present it to clients. Is anyone else ...


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Studio Brittany Hince

Trouble posting multiple pages from studio

I have a project with multiple pages set up, but when I sync it will only sync one page into invision. I would like to have both in the project, how do I get them both to show up?   2 pages   Only one page when syncs:


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Studio Amanda

Fixed Element mid-way through page

I understand how to use this tool to create fixed headers and footers. However, I am wondering if there is an easy way to create an effect where an object on the page would only start scrolling once the user has scrolled a cert...


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Studio Kal

Duplicate with offset (or step and repeat)

I haven't been able to find a way in Studio to copy an object and repeat it at regular intervals (sometimes called 'step and repeat'). In Sketch, I can option-drag an object to copy it, then hit Command-D as many times as neede...


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Studio Lee Reed

Zooming preview when publishing to Invision

Since the recent upgrade, when I publish a project to Invision from Invision studio, when selecting "100%" it actually scales down ("fits", zooms outs effectively) to the height of the artboard when previewing on Invision. It's...


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Studio Melissa

SVGs broken

My Studio version - Version 1.15.0Any SVG dragged into Studio has recently appearing as open/broken paths (especially FontAwesome SVGs). This is totally inconvenient. I have exited/entered the program numerous times to find thi...


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Studio Julia Olivier

Overlays in Studio?

Hi all. I'm trying to create an overlay like feature within my prototype. Across my artboards there is a button which I would like to lead to the same pop-up screen, and when exiting that pop-up screen goes back to the artboard...


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Studio Christopher Lanz

App stays white on startup

Hello, we encounter problems starting the invision studio app on a windows 10 notebook. The window stays white and nothing happens. On other notebooks we don't have these problems. Are there any logs or anything where we can s...

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Studio Dan Jordan

Scrolling in preview

Hi there, I see you've recently updated the preview to have the different presets so you can now view how things will look on specific devices, which I like the idea of and will come in handy at work. However, since the update ...


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Studio John Paul Anthony Gorre Dela Cruz

Make the main tools (ex: text and rectangle) and position orders buttons that are located in right click menu (ex: move object back and move object up) more accessible as icons in the top bar or side bar menu

Hello guys. I would like to request for some addtional option for those tools and position commands to be put outside the drop down menu and right click menu and put it in the top or side bar menus. Putting those things outside...

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