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Studio Starr Carr

Studio: Background color in Prototype View

Is there a way to change the background color when viewing your prototype? You can with normal prototypes upload through Invision but one's made with Studio seems to be lacking this. Thanks!


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Studio Evan Bivins

Link Back feature in Invision Studio

Hi, I need to link back to a previous screen like I would in Craft but can't seem to find how to do it or any other articles about it. Am I missing something or is this not available?


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Studio Matt Horseman

The blank canvas is back!

I have a brand new MacBook Pro, running High Sierra 10.13.5 and InvisionStudio 0.91.20. I am seeing a blank Artboard. Objects can be seen in in the layers palette but nothing else?!?!?!? Back to Sketch for me :(

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Studio Mathias Bolle

Export all your elements to png or jpg

Hello I think that invision studio is a amaing tool for designers but i have a idea.. If there was (or is?) A function to export al your design elementes to png images. This function can be very nice for android developers. T...


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Studio Sabrina Ramos

Studio bug - problems with nested components

Having a few issues with components that have been brought over from Sketch. • I can't detach components. I tried to get rid of all my nested symbols in my Sketch file before moving it over because I saw that nested components ...

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Studio Pedro Marroquin

Paste in Place not Working and Where´s the Rulers?

Hello,   Just wanted to see if anyone else got this problem, My paste in place is not working at all, it does copy the selected layers but paste them in a completely different position, is driving me crazy, force me to do so mu...


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Studio Andre Ho

Invision Studio - The centre alignment is off?

Hey there, I've been using Invision Studio for a week or so now, when I'm creating and placing assets on my layout, I feel as though the centre alignment is slightly off, they are not actually centre aligned. For example, I'll ...

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Studio Pedro Correia

Invision Studio - Groups outside artboards

Hi, this is a simple bug report. Symptom: Groups containing other groups, outside an artboard, cannot be ungrouped. Steps to reproduce: Draw 2 rectangles outside an artboard; Group them; Duplicate the previous group Select bot...


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Studio Dennis Nuhn

Studio Canvas freezes when editing timeline (0.90.50)

Since last update the studio canvas kinda freezes after a while when I'm editing the timeline. I can go back but the canvas won't update and still shows the artboard I edited last. I also can't scroll anymore. Then I have to re...

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Studio Daniel

Artboard content is not displaying

Hey all - So, I've been working on a landing page all day, closed out IVStudio and upon opening up the file my Artboard isn't showing up. I can see all my layers and click on them, but nothing is displaying.  Screenshot attache...


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Studio Neil Kleid

Increasing/Decreasing numbers transition?

Is there anyway to create an instance where a number increases/decreases between screen transitions?  For instance, if I have "2018" and want to swipe to "1986" and see the numbers decrease as I swipe, is that possible to do as...

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Studio Prachi Lokam

Invision Studio: Artboard size error in preview mode

Hi, I created an artboard for desktop size (1366 X 768) and then I published my work. Later for some reason I changed the artboard size. Problem: In Preview mode, artboard size doesn't update. It takes the size of originally cr...


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Studio Jason Quiz

Studio: Nested items losing rotation if nested to deep

I made an icon. In the process grouped some of the elements together, rotated them 135deg, then grouped them again with the rest of the icon layers. Icon Name [ folder - parent ]    Rotated Layers [ folder - child ]    Addition...

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Studio Thierry Lemaitre

InVision Studio - Export Screen

Hello!I was wondering how can I export my artboard from InVision Studio to png or jpeg files. The navigation in InVision is so slow et the fade when we change screen turn to a fade white and after to the other artborad. So I wa...


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Studio J

Responsive layout objects

I'm enjoying the test-drive of Studio, and had one question... I've done the walk-through to create responsive layouts, and love the ability to adjust by percentages. Is there any way to set up objects so that they'd stack or e...


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Studio Tiko Nelson

Rendering really slowly

 I'm just learning the ropes, but I can't seem to get it to render the animations quickly. It seems to be completely ignoring  the key-framing animation timeline. Also, I can't seem to export a gif or MP4 of my work in InVision...


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Studio Chantel Zapata

Studio: Linking to top of page?

Hello! I am making a desktop prototype that is very long and I am having a hard time getting the links I am making link to the top of the next page. They are just anchoring to the current scroll state. I have a fixed/pinned nav...


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Studio Arturo

Magic Trackpad 2 gestures working on Studio?

  Hi everybody, I wanna try and get the Magic Trackpad 2 (as long as it's imposible to get used to using a Wacom, for me), and I'm just wondering if Invision Studio, and Invision in general, works with the touch gestures throug...

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Studio Rachel Sarra

Studio Bug - Layer selection

Hello! I've been having some trouble to work with my project since the layers seems to be bugging quite a lot. I haven't noticed exactly what triggered this error but there was a text layer between the pink title and the text w...


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Studio Luis Vega Torres

Invision Studio - Text Bug

Text showing attached strings. Tried different font family and still happen. Running Mac OS Hight Sierra 10.13.4 on MacBook Pro Mid 2012


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Studio MOR

Studio - cannot view published prototype on tablet

Hi, I'm using Studio to create a prototype for a tablet based app. The prototype is published to my account. I'm having trouble viewing the prototype. Initially, I couldn't even see the Studio prototypes at all. I upgraded to t...


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