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Studio Thea Pilarczyk

Studio - does "delay" work?

I am finally getting used to animation, motion, and transitions in InVision Studio early access. But when editing my animations, the "delay" option does not seem to function. No matter what I try, my elements all animate at the...

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Studio Lara Kocab

Mobile navigation appears on scroll up

So I am currently making a mobile prototype and wanted to have an in-page secondary nav bar appear as so: On scroll down, the menu immediately appears On scroll up, the menu immediately disappears Something similar to this: htt...


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Studio Jon Armstrong

Craft Sync is crashing Sketch on sync

To recreate: Verify shows everything functional Select artboard click Craft toolbar  "Sync" icon in the Craft toolbar Verify the correct project is selected Verify that "Only selected artboards" is selec...


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Studio Graham Auger

Will there ever be Craft support for Photoshop CS6?

I know that you guys have to be busy prepping for the InVision Studio release which I'm super pumped for and can't wait, but any chance there's at least a slight glimmer of hope that the Craft plugin will eventually be supporte...


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