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Studio Joel Lithgow

Studio: Responsive List Component

So I'm having a hard time understanding this responsive component feature, I've played around with it alot and watched your tutorial videos but am unsure if I have a problem because of my lack of knowledge or Invision Studio la...


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Studio Brian Moyano

Image as overlay support on Invision Studio

I saw this post where someone asked about this feature on invision studio, and the answer was: "We’re currently tracking interest for this. If you’d like to add your vote for this feature, please contact Support here and voice ...

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Studio Alexander Westerlund

Invision Studio - Scale Down To Browser Width

Hi!I was using Sketch earlier and when you use the Invision webb app for presentations you have the option to "Scale Down To Browser Witdth".I now switched to try InVision Studio and in it's presentation mode at the web it does...

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Studio Jacob Mariano

Studio - Sticky header nav on scroll

I'm wondering if there is a way to create an animation in Studio that allows an element (header nav in this case) to stick to the top of the screen on scroll, when its original location is NOT at the top of the screen. Similar ...


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Studio Pk asas

Web and invision studio preview lags a lot

Hi guys, I was wondering, is the lag in the preview mode in IV Studio normal? what about the lag in the Web Preview link? I mean, I uploaded the prototype to my projects and then shared the link, but when the link is open, all ...


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Studio Mike Di Genova

Responsive text?

I'm really new to UI design and I'm doing everything self taught. I ran into an issue where I designed a whole web layout at the wrong resolution/ art board size, and I'm trying to just scale everything down to fit the new artb...

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Studio Mikita Shcherba

Framer X

Hello everybody, just wanted to lighten up a little bit this forum. I've noticed that UI domain grows very fast. What do you think about such new products like: -Framer X -Phase I know t...

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Studio Shaina Torgerson

Studio for Windows Update

Hey all! I wanted to drop a note in here about Studio for Windows. We get multiple posts and Support tickets asking what we're doing with Windows, and if it's coming. The answer is yes, it is definitely coming. So why the delay...


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Studio Zach Ward

Studio: Adding fonts

Seeing as this is still in beta, its probably just not a feature yet... But, is there a way to add your own fonts to Studio? I've search far and near but can't seem to find a answer anywhere.Thanks


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Studio Ruth

External link invision studio

Hi,    Is it possible to add an external link in invision studio? Or to do it later when you upload it to   Thanks in advance! 


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Studio Jakub

Studio Bug — Detach Component

Scenario: I'm using a Component across multiple artboards. When I detach one of them and run Preview mode the Components disappear throughout the whole document. Sometimes they are visible in the edit mode, but not in the Previ...


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Studio Frank Faustino

Studio: Text not rendering properly when overlapped

Hello. When using the font Thirsty Script, the color of the swash or tail of a letter when it's overlapping another letter becomes inverted. Please see the screenshots below to see what I mean. This is what the font looks like...

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Studio Jayme Ayres

InVision Studio - I can't see the objects

Hi Folks!I just installed Invision Studio and when I went to test it on a new project, it doesn't show me what I'm creating according to the images below.I've already tried searching for an online help and reviewing all the men...


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Studio Ruth

Text and shapes disappear

What happend with Invision studio? I have version 0.93.10 and at the first time it works great! When I want to work in a new document and I use some text and shapes, they disappear. If I try to fill it with another color the sh...


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Studio Jinju Park

Importing sketch file to Invision Studio

Hello,  This is Julia.  I'm trying to import Sketch file to Invision studio but all the assets looks unstable including font, images, graphics and etc.  I updated to the newest version even sketch file.  Could you help on this?...


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Studio Pierre-Christophe Dus

Prototype not loading correctly

Hello,I use a Macbook Pro 2011 and I need to work on an Invisionapp prototype project.But the prototype isn't opening fine: - on Safari and Firefox, I can see the page that display all the screens of the prototype, but when I c...


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Studio Robin

Sketch import bug

I tried to open a file in Studio but I get this error. Any idea what it means?  

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Studio Amanda Butterworth

Does DSM only work with Sketch?

My team does not use Sketch but would like to take advantage of DSM.  Is there any plan for Photoshop support?  Any update to wher...


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Studio Patrick Asselman

Filling form Invision studio

Hi,is it possible to simulate an input field which can be typed in? For example: I want to create a suggest search, and I do not want to present an image. But to really fill in the field and get a result out of it. Hopefully I ...

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Studio Starr Carr

Studio: Background color in Prototype View

Is there a way to change the background color when viewing your prototype? You can with normal prototypes upload through Invision but one's made with Studio seems to be lacking this. Thanks!


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Studio Evan Bivins

Link Back feature in Invision Studio

Hi, I need to link back to a previous screen like I would in Craft but can't seem to find how to do it or any other articles about it. Am I missing something or is this not available?


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