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Studio JC Tabary

Invision Studio : Double scroll Android Market like..

hey guys, have been struggling to get a prototype showing 2 scrolling features, the same used in the Android market for instance.   1 - The whole screen scrolls vertically. 2 - App shows tiles on the very top that need to scrol...


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Studio Che-Chuen Ho

Invision Studio beta: Overlays

Hi, not sure if I just can't figure out how to accomplish overlays with Studio or if the feature doesn't exist yet? For example, I want to mock up a modal window, popup alert, or a drop-down menu. When using Sketch and Craft, I...


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Studio Ryan

Studio Bug - Moving Transparent Layers with Arrow Keys

Click on specific layer in layer panel, and expect to be able to move layer on artboard using arrow keys. Instead, focus stays in layer panel and arrow keys only scroll the layer panel up and down. Whyyyyyy?!?! This makes it im...

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Studio Ryan

Studio Bug - Scrolling State Page Transitions

When tapping between pages that include vertical scroll states, interaction jumps back to top of page before landing at previous scroll state. This is jumpy and jarring to user. Interaction should just take user back to scroll ...

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Studio Ryan

Studio Bug - Undo Action Hides Layers

When toggling between undo/redo, artboards literally disappear at certain states. Zooming in/out doesn't change anything.   Please fix :) 

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Studio Juan

Studio Bug - Close Fullscreen

When I close a file while in fullscreen it creates a black background as a sort of Desktop or Fullscreen Window (with no buttons). Creating a new file will place it on top of the black screen. CMD + W and CTRL + OPTION + F (ful...


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Studio Juan

Studio Bug - Group/Ungroup + Centering

When a group is vertically and horizontally centered on an artboard then ungrouped everything flies to the bottom right of the artboard. This is a bug right?   macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 Studio Version 0.10.60


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Studio Emile Jansen

Configuration on Studio publication?

Hi all,  Using Studio for the first time. I like it so far. I was wondering if it would be possible to set some basic configurations to the publication from Invision Studio to Invsion it self? On Invision projects you have the ...


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Studio Rene Norton

Studio - bug?

Add text, inspector disappears and no ability to select or move the text. Running High Sierra 10.13.4 on a MacBook Air.

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Studio Kelly Knowles

Responsive resizing in Studio?

I know its in early access so I can't expect it to work 100%. Does anyone know how responsive resizing of elements works in Studio? Only thing I can find about it is that "it's part of its core tenant," which doesn't tell me mu...


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Studio przemek

Studio - "Reset overrides" seems not working

I have an overridden symbol and i want to reset it to make my instance look just like the original symbol (through right-clik drop-down menu) but it seems not working at all.


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Studio Cecilia Huster

Studio: Changing text color

 The documentation says that I can change text color, but I'm not finding a property for it in the Inspector. See screenshot below. 


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Studio Tom Hiskey

Does Studio link with DSM?

The Design System Manager (DSM) intro video suggests it's possible to push and pull components from Studio to DSM and vice versa. However, in Studio I can't see a way to do this. Obviously both systems are new - perhaps the fea...


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Studio Renato Degiovani

Bug Report: Border Radius on inVIsion Studio

Hey there. I've found a 'little' bug on inVision Studio, hope it's okay to share here, since I didn't find any specific place to do so. Since it's an early access, we're supposed to help find them right? :) So, here it is, when...


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Studio Ida Håkonsson

Studio: View prototype in landscape when uploaded

I want to share a prototype I made in Studio with my colleges. The prototype is made in landscape-mode, and works fine inside Studio. But online and on the invision app it will only show as portrait. Is there a workaround, othe...


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Studio Julie Kjærmann-Jensen

Prototype scrolling issues

Just starting out testing Studio, and I have a one pager which in preview mode looks and scrolls as expected. But when I publish it to inVision to share with others, some elements scroll faster/slower than others, making the pa...


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Studio Franco

On load animation of elements in Studio

Is it possible in Studio to allow an object (text, image etc.) to animate as soon as the user loads the screen? We just see in the interaction panel that all animations start with a touch or swipe action but never on screen loa...


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Studio Chris Randalls

Vectors Behaving Badly in Studio

So I'm trying to copy and paste some vector artwork, logos, into Studio and am running into issues. Upon pasting, Studio seems to develop a mind of it's own in terms of how it interprets the vector data and things come out look...


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Studio Michael Hermes

Component states in Studio?

I've read through all the available documentation (and I'm honestly just not sure if I'm understanding the process correctly) but is it possible to currently create a component, say a button, and generate different states such ...


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Studio Catherine Weitzenkorn

Fill is not working in Studio

Hi there,  When I create an object , i.e. a square in Studio, the fill feature is not filling the object. Even when placed before other content. In other words, it's not a positioning issue.    Thanks!


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Studio Hale Holman

Repositioning an object mid-draw?

After years of using other visual production software, I'm used to being able to reposition shapes I'm creating, mid-draw, by holding down the spacebar. It seems like this feature may be available, by which I mean it doesn't al...


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