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Studio Conversations

Updated Tom Hiskey

Does Studio link with DSM?

The Design System Manager (DSM) intro video suggests it's possible to push and pull components from Studio to DSM and vice versa. However, in Studio I can't see a way to do this. Obviously both systems are new - perhaps the fea...


12 votes

Updated Melissa

SVGs broken

My Studio version - Version 1.15.0Any SVG dragged into Studio has recently appearing as open/broken paths (especially FontAwesome SVGs). This is totally inconvenient. I have exited/entered the program numerous times to find thi...


11 votes


Updated Evan Bivins

Link Back feature in Invision Studio

Hi, I need to link back to a previous screen like I would in Craft but can't seem to find how to do it or any other articles about it. Am I missing something or is this not available?


11 votes

Updated Tobias

Downloading app

Hello, I can't find an exact pricing plans and download link for Invision Studio. Is there anything similar?


10 votes

Updated Shayan

Adobe XD File support

Seen as you have Sketch file support, Adobe XD File support would be really nice. Thanks.


10 votes

Updated amberxue

Invision Studio: Hide Hotspot Hinting

I synced the prototype from invision studio to invision site, but can't find the options to turn off the hotspot hinting. Can anyone help? Thanks.


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Updated Ido Shavit

Studio feature requests

Center Zoom on selection being the default zoom / keyboard shortcut Rulers Simple bitmap manipulations - Select and copy, Select and cut, Select and crop, Select and fill Dashed lines Password protected sharing


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Updated Chris Randalls

Vectors Behaving Badly in Studio

So I'm trying to copy and paste some vector artwork, logos, into Studio and am running into issues. Upon pasting, Studio seems to develop a mind of it's own in terms of how it interprets the vector data and things come out look...


10 votes


Updated devkoe

I can't find studio's download link.

I can't find studio's download link. Before, I can download invision studio in "" but now, this url redirects to "". So, I ...


8 votes

Updated Phillip Hill-Davis

Auto Save Feature

Having suffered the same issue on two separate occasions, the lack of an autosave function in Studio has resulted in the loss of hours of work when Studio has encountered an error and crashed, forcing a restart. This surely is ...


8 votes

Updated Mike

Hi res screenshots including iPhone border

I'm trying to export a png that includes the screen for my iPhone X design, with the iPhone border. Currently my solution is to go into preview mode on the art-board that I want, and then screenshot it. However when I do this, ...


8 votes

Updated Colin

View prototype in landscape mode on tablet

Hi, I am building a prototype via inVision Studio in 1920x1080 and want to view this prototype on my Samsung Tab a via the inVision app. But the app shows me the prototype only in portrait mode, even if I lock the tablet orient...


8 votes

Updated Kamen Kurtev

SVG export

I made a simple logo (sign + text) and try to export like SVG. The result is only sign without text. How to convert text to outlines(curves)? How to export text in SVG? InVision Studio Version 0.97.1


8 votes

Updated Peter Broomfield

Why haven’t I switched from Sketch?

I’m a big fan of Studio. I honestly can't wait for the day I can open InVision Studio and build a design from start to finish. As it stands now though, whenever I start creating a design in Studio, I invariably have to stop, cl...


7 votes

Updated ANDREY

Adding videos and GIF animations

Why is it not possible to add a video or GIF as it is done in Principle? Why is there no export of animation to video file or GIF? This is a very necessary function. A lot of people don't use Invison for this reason. Please add...


6 votes

Updated Mario Moura

Input text field?

I need to know if there is any chance I can add interactive input text field in my prototype, depending on the string a button will link different pages....


6 votes

Updated Stephanie Lee

How do you create an overlay in InVision studio?

I just installed InVision studio and am practising using it. I have a screen I want to have as a pop up rather than a separate screen, apparently this should be done as an overlay but when I go to find how to do that it says to...


6 votes

Updated Ahmed

Hand or finger cursor

Hi Team :)  After designing a website prototype with its links, the mouse does not change when it's on an any link. how can change the mouse cursor arrow into a hand or finger? Thanks in advance.


6 votes

Updated Lucas

Studio crashed and all progress gone

My studio froze and I was forced to force quit Studio. I really just worked 4h+ on something and thought it was auto saved, all my progress is gone. Only my published prototype in Invision is up-to-date. Please tell me that the...


6 votes


Exporting to pdf or Jpeg issue

Exporting issue After I published my Desktop and Mobile prototype designs on Invision Studio , I went to the site and signed inand clicked prototypes in my projects to export the layout design in PDF or JPEG. But, I didn't see ...


6 votes

Updated Ben Cain

Adding collaborators to Studio prototype

Loving Studio so far, thanks for all of your great work! Quick question... I've published a Studio prototype to my personal Invision account and am able to preview and share links. However, I'm missing quite a few features that...


6 votes

Updated Archie

Any InVision Studio updates?

Hello there, I wonder if InVision Studio is going to be supported/developed further and new features will be released. If not, I believe InVision should be honest with their users, so they will start their transition to other p...


5 votes