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Studio Conversations

Updated Joseph Holden

Horizontal/Carousel Scroll

Hi all! I was just wondering if anyone knows how to create horizontal/carousel scrolling for mobile screens?  I've seen a few older posts that say that Studio wasn't able to do this, but maybe it is now possible?  Any help woul...


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Updated Lucas Czuchraj

Studio Bug - Some PNG files show up as black

I haven't been able to pinpoint why this happens, but the PNG was exported from Sketch from a group of assets. When adding the png to the artboard it appears in the application on the computer but is black when you preview it o...


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Updated Adam Mandelman

Feature request: Scroll as interaction trigger

Are there any plans to use scrolling as a trigger for interactions?   For example, imagine a page on which scrolling fades one image out and another image in. This would require a scroll trigger to transition from artboard to a...


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Updated Omid

Export from Freehand

Hi - just wondering what the status is on being able to export from Freehand? I saw a couple of threads from last year but no answer. The performance degradation on large projects is pretty bad - it takes 2-3 seconds to load th...


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Updated leandro ariel

How to export prototype to android studio?

Hi, im new to the platform and it is working great         Im using this version. I did some screens and the interactions between them. It is working great.Now that i have the screens...   Is there a way to export to android s...


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Updated Alexander


Hey is there a way to create hyperlinks with InVision Studio?


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Updated Erdenebaatar

Web preview glitching on Safari

Hello guys,Web preview keeps glitching on Safari after I have published my prototype from Studio. Currently, I recommend my clients to view the prototype using the Chrome browser now. Because it’s working well on Chrome. How ca...


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Updated Raghav

Unable to export artboards as PNG with a custom font

Hi,   I am using Jost font as a custom font style for the text in InVision Studio. It is installed in my Mac and am able to use it inside Studio. But when I export the artboard as PNG, the font does not get exported. It takes s...


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Updated Eugene Liahor

Android Mobile Application

Hello! I saw you removed mobile application from Google Store via feedback from users. Now app redirect me to Well, nicely done, but I have a question for you. One of the main mirror app feature is mirroring! ...


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Updated Monika Minichberger

API update of chrome

Hello out there, can someone help me how I am able to update the chrome API in Invision Studio? It says that it has a lower version than the actual chrome browser and when this is not updating I am not able to open Studio anymo...


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Updated Vinicius

Device frames update

Just want it to know if there is an upcoming update to add newer devices frames, like iphone 13, etc. Thanks


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Updated Karol Burnagiel

Scalling text with group or component

Hi guys,    I just found a big problem and couldn't find any solution to it on the web. So I just create a full website in invision on windows, this website is desktop size. Now I need to resize it for a mobile website. Wh...


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Updated Abinaya pillai

Issue after installing

Hello Invision Team,      I am Abinaya Pillai I recently intsalled Invision on my window's laptop but unfortunately it's not opening but I can see it on laptop page switcher as well as on bottom. I really wish this be resolved ...

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Updated D. M.

Invision Studio pages lost page links (no artboard selected)

I installed InvisionApp Studio on my computer a while ago and created a project with four pages - back then. Today, I tried opening the project and am now seeing the four pages (Page 1, Page 2...) and below the referenced Artbo...


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Updated Aoife

URGENT. I can't sync my work across from studio to the invision app! I really need to be able to share my work. I have upgraded to Freehand Pro in the hope of fixing it but it is continously loading and not doing anything! Please see screenshot below.


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Updated Mike Sharp

Setting map zoom level for member management.

We have just gone live with the latest version of invision and have noticed that the map zoom level is very local and to see where the member is we need to zoom out quite a long way (our forum tends to focus on UK specific topi...


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Updated Dhanushka


Hi ,   How do I export All CSS and HTML in Invision Studio .   Thank you  Dhanushka


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Updated lorenzo

Can't publish my work

hi, I saw that other users also had the same problem. When I click on publish I get the error 'Something went wrong'. I tried to log out but nothing works.


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Updated Shiva Ramsingh

Preset not appearing

Good day, has anyone figured out a workaround, if an artboard does not appear in its selected preset, after publishing to invision?


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Updated Kyle

There was an issue during upload

I seem to be having issues trying to publish my studio art boards to the invision cloud, I'm completely new to this, hopefully you'll be able to shed some light on this for me?


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Updated Gore Halling

iPad offline mode

Hi, I'm having trouble looking at a prototype in the iPad app when not connected to the internet. But as soon as the iPad goes offline, the InVision-app automatically logs out, making it impossible to look at the prototype in o...

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