Studio Updated dang hieu

Cách soi cầu lô bạch thủ cho người mới

Đã bao giờ bạn soi cầu lô bạch thủ miền bắc theo lồng cầu chưa, đây là phương pháp mà không phải người nào cũng biết tới Vì thế hôm nay nhà cái lô đề uy tín nhất việt nam sẽ hướng dẫn các bạn để bạn hiểu nguyên lý bắt lô bạch t...


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Freehand Updated Matt Cardinal

Issue with seeing collaborators inputs

Our team has been exploring freehand as an option for collaborating. The responsiveness of the tool is great, and the limited tools are fine for the kinds of brainstorming that we want to do. I have been having issues with seei...


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InVision Cloud Updated ivana

Problems with log in

Hello everyone, I hope someone will be able to help me out.. Namely, I am able to log into invisionapp (web),open 1 file from my prototype and then system kick me out automatically, that happen today to other member of our team...


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Studio Updated Eins

Text lag

I am having trouble with editing text especially if its coming from the library as it loads more than a minute just to edit a text. Is it my PC or what should be the best way to edit text coming from a library? 


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InVision Cloud Updated Roman Gordienko

Hover Overlay Dropdown Blinking Bug

I usually make header with hover dropdowns but seems like it stopped working somehow. The overlay starts opening and closing, almost like blinking. Please, check the video for details:


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Craft Updated Emanuela

I cannot upload images

Hello everyone! I am writing here because I have an issue and I was wondering if someone could help me. I am trying to make a prototype and when I upload a JPG or PNG file, it will appear "Try uploading again". I have tried to ...


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InVision Cloud Updated Murray

Overlay link not working

Hi all   I have a button that I want a hover effect so I used a copy of the button and open the copy when hovering over the original button. Works fine but to have the overlay close when mouse out I need to uncheck "Stay on tar...

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InVision Cloud Updated Vìctor González

Fixed footer is bugged

When we try to load our prototype in different devices and different mobile browsers such as Safari and Chrome, the size of the fixed footer is not corresponding to the one we set in our InVision prototype, and the px from the ...

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Studio Updated Ash Godson

Can't log in

Hi  I can't get in to Invision Studio anymore. I was working in it. Now, when I try get back in with my password (which I've since reset), I get this message:'You do not appear to be a member of the "projects" team domain.Pleas...


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InVision Cloud Updated Juan

Changing Project Thumbnails

Is there any way to change project thumbnails on the Documents page? In older versions of Invision it was the first slide of your prototype, this is no longer the case.


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DSM Updated Daryl Lee

DSM from old version of Sketch 50.2 (with Craft)

Hello....think this will be an obvious issue...but will see. I have Sketch 50.2 with Craft and can no longer access DSM - says Legacy DSM. I am assuming DSM has been upgraded and can't go with Sketch 50.2 or the version of Craf...

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Studio Updated Nejc Razdrih

Text color change after click

Hi all, is there a way to configure a text box to change text color after clicking on it? Let me explain. What I want to do, is make kind of a 3x3 spreadsheet of text boxes (so 9 text boxes in the end), with the light grey text...

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Craft Updated Gino Molinaro

Craft Sign-In Issue

After 5 minutes or a short period of not using Craft, it signs me out - requiring a sign in with Invision every time I go to use Craft again. Please fix this.


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InVision Cloud Updated Tom Brophy


Does Invision support integration with Lunacy?  I work for the State of CT and we are strictly PC environment, but a vendor we are working with is Mac based and using Sketch, and Invision. We are looking at Lunacy as an alterna...


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