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Studio Target Santana

Can't Apply Plug-in on Element Inside Component

I was made those chatroom template with dummy text and circle/rectangle object for then replaced by a photo. I thought I can replace those template with real image/text later by using "Data" plugin after I grouped it into a Co...


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InVision Cloud Joseph Ryan

Flashing Between Screens in a Prototype

Hi all, I've been using InVision for a few years now but I'm coming up against an issue that I've experienced before but thought it was a first load issue. I'm getting a flash when linking through to another screen in the proto...


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Studio Yurendra Kurumbang

How to create interaction inside component?

I'm trying to create interaction inside component. Here are the example I can't see any interaction link option to other artboard. 


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Studio Ahmed

Hand or finger cursor

Hi Team :)  After designing a website prototype with its links, the mouse does not change when it's on an any link. how can change the mouse cursor arrow into a hand or finger? Thanks in advance.


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Studio Julia Olivier

Overlays in Studio?

Hi all. I'm trying to create an overlay like feature within my prototype. Across my artboards there is a button which I would like to lead to the same pop-up screen, and when exiting that pop-up screen goes back to the artboard...


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DSM Shaina Torgerson

Live training sessions are available for New DSM!

This live training covers everything you need to start using New DSM, the newly released, early access experience. You’ll get tips and best practices for setting up Design System Manager (DSM) for your company along with practi...


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Studio Abhijit

Multiple horizontal scrolling within same artboard

Hi,    I am looking to have two groups with horizontal scrolling in the same artboard but am unable to figure out a way to do so. If I enable horizontal scrolling, both of the groups move. Is there any way I can move both group...


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Craft Brent

Anima Processing on Upload Support

I've been asking for a long time that you stop processing anima uploads because it breaks the layouts and slows uploads way down. I still want to use anima with invision but NO processing.  I see you're stopping support but ani...


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Craft Hardik Anavadia

Unable to select account

I have succesfuly logged into my craft plugin (windows 10, photoshop CC) I tried to create a new prototype and but unable to compete the action. Bcause "Select account" drop down is not working.    Anybody can help to solve the...

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Studio nanoj

Create real text input field to prototype

I used invision Studio for almost every Design Project in our design team. but i don't know why we can't create real text input field or other input field like radio buttons or checkboxes in this tool ! Do U have any suggestion...


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Craft Enrique Sotomayor

Pages not sync when using Craft

If you sync your artboards (from a page, because not possible do it for the whole project yet) to Invision, it would be good to be able to do it with the name of the page as a set in Invision, otherwise you have to create a set...

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InVision Cloud Bill Gregg

Is There a Way to Get Text Styles to Show up in InVision?

Is there a way (native, hack or plug-in) to get Sketch text styles to show up in Inspect Mode? (Or anywhere else in InVision?) We've created text styles for our app, and it would be great if developers could see those in Inspec...


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Studio Manan Kedia


I have a one plus device and the invision app on the mobile. But the mirroring is not working. What could be the reason.


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Studio Lester John Lacrete

Damaged InVision Studio File

Hello Support Team,Our studio file got messed up so badly its not working anymore. Opened it last April 23, 2020 then suddenly it got damaged..We hope that you could retrieve this file ASAP so that we can continue working on th...


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Studio Nicole

Damage file.. Someone please help :'(

Hi, I open my studio today, after that i wish to publish my prototype, but it says something when wrong, so i try to publish again on the second time, my laptop ran into a problem and force shut down and restart.  Then i open m...


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Studio Amelie

Can't open ._Material Design UI

HI, I've downloaded the ._Material Design UI from the website but I can't open it. No error but when I try to open it nothing happens.   Did you know how to fix it?


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InVision Cloud Eric

Freehand Hotspots

Can you navigate a prototype in freehand using hotspots? Liveshare was a great way to watch someone test your prototype.  I do not see an equivelant function in freehand. If there is not, what is the best way to observe a user ...


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InVision Cloud Ziv

Is there a way to embed Lottie animations on a prototype?

Hey guys,   We're working on designing screens, syncing them to our prototype on InVision to get feedback, etc., but a huge part of our design includes Lottie animations – which are left out of the prototype, meaning users and ...


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Craft zhangyang

can not open craft

10.14.4 MacOS newest craft version donwloaded from invision official site. open craft said crashed. please help solve this problem.


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