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Leveling Up Caleb Williams

When is Research Enough?

We all know how important research is, when it comes to design process but when do you say enough research - let's move on....Or does research never stop?


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Craft Andreas Boos

Artboard is not placed correctly

Hi there, somehow some of my artboards are not placed correctly anymore, there is a white border on the right side and the bottom. I don't know how this was happening and don't find any mistakes in my design. Can someone help h...


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InVision Cloud Matthew Dichter

Screen as Overlay not working properly

I have a prototype that was working just fine up until a couple of days ago. We are attempting to replicate a mega-menu and have overlays on top of overlays.  As of late last week, the second set of overlays are not interactive...


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Studio Shubham

HOW TO | Add multiple scroll in single artboard

Hi community, So, I was trying to design a screen for an application that has multiple scrolling option in the same art board. But, I am not sure how do I make them scroll independently. Thanks


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Studio Jeff Craig

Missing Features

Features critical to customer that have driven me to reconsider my team's software toolset: No overlay support native to studio.  Work arounds greatly increase time in complexity when working on large applications or web apps...


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DSM Minshuo

Bug: Components alignment changed when importing from DSM

Hi, I am using Sketch 57.1 with DSM. When importing a UI components from the DSM, I encountered a bud. In short, the text alignment changed from align in the middle to align to the top. Here're the screenshots to demonstrate th...


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Studio Jaime Stuardo

How to rename an artboard

Hello,  This is a very simple task I want to accomplish, but this software is not as intuitive as I would expect. Well... I have created an artboard whose default name is "Artboard 1". Now, I want to rename it.  I have clicked ...


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Craft Guillermo Gonzalez

unable to install craft, help

Hello everyone! I´m really trying to install craft, and this is what happen when I double click on the aplication: This is only message what I get when trying to install Craft. If I click "continue" nothing happen. If I click ...


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Craft Martijn Kranen

Craft API

First of all: I've been using Craft for a while now and I love it. At the moment we are building a Sketch plugin that supports our internal Atomic Design way of working. We would love to use Craft to create links between artboa...


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Studio Igor

How to scroll horizontally and vertically?

Hey,   I am planing to create one project but I cannot figure out how to set horizontal and vertical scrolling on one Artboard.  Does any one know how to make that effect? Please check a link below at 1:25 to see what I mean ex...


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DSM William van Ommen

Export Symbols to DSM problems

Dear Invision Team, I have issues exporting Symbols from Sketch to Invision DSM with the Craft plugin. Some Symbols get stuck in the upload screen. Only way to get out, is to force quit Sketch. Tried a hundred times over. Some ...


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Craft Dan Macmahon

Marking Artboards to Sync (So not one page at a time)

Hi, I currently have a very large project that I am trying to sync with invision craft (using Sketch). My workflow is: I have multiple PAGES for each step of the journey. On each Page are multiple Artboards that show the page f...


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Studio Gareth Byrne

Presentation Abilities

My hope was to have my potential investors view my prototype on the InVision app on their phones. However I’m not sure how to set this up. Is it recommended to create a size for each phone model? Can a link be emailed or se...

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Studio Adi

Elements from Illustrator not loading on Ipad

Hi, I've been using Studio on PC and I made a prototype that works on my computer but some elements aren't loading properly when on ipad pro. Attaching a screenshot from the what it's supposed to look like: but when on an ipad...

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Craft LaColmena

Photoshop Plugin don't link with my account

Mac OS High Sierra (10.13.5) Adobe Photoshop CC 19.0 Craft Manager 1.0.84 (and latest version of plugin) I'm new and have some issues. I create a new Prototype in InVision website, I can see it in the Craft Manager but NOT in t...


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Studio Pk asas

Web and invision studio preview lags a lot

Hi guys, I was wondering, is the lag in the preview mode in IV Studio normal? what about the lag in the Web Preview link? I mean, I uploaded the prototype to my projects and then shared the link, but when the link is open, all ...


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InVision Cloud Amanda

Inspect not working

Hi, for some reason my shapes are not showing up in inspect mode. Can you help me please? I will attach a screenshot, thanks!   In this screenshot, you can see that I have selected the "Shop Now" button (this is not a symbol in...


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DSM Glenn Bruynooghe

Support web components in storybook?

Our frontend is using web components for our design system. Storybook supports this since release 5.3, but we can't get them to work in DSM. Is this possible? If not when will it be?

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Craft Peter

ServerError when trying to Sync from Sketch to Invision

Hi, getting a serverError message when trying to upload prototypes from Sketch to Invsion. Craft does also not see the previous prototypes on Invision.  Running Max OS Mojave 10.14.1 Craft 1.0.91 (v169) Sketch Version 61.2  on ...


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InVision Cloud Jack Skates

Can't log into Getty or iStock image function

Sign in just hangs in both cases... I tried to let it run to see if it would catch up... but hung for an hour... has been like this all day. Tested both logins on their respected sites... but nothing.


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Studio Mike

Hi res screenshots including iPhone border

I'm trying to export a png that includes the screen for my iPhone X design, with the iPhone border. Currently my solution is to go into preview mode on the art-board that I want, and then screenshot it. However when I do this, ...


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Studio nanoj

Create real text input field to prototype

I used invision Studio for almost every Design Project in our design team. but i don't know why we can't create real text input field or other input field like radio buttons or checkboxes in this tool ! Do U have any suggestion...


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Studio Muntajib Uddin Mohammed

Mirroring error on Android App

Hello All, I was trying to mirror my project to the Android app, but I keep seeing the following error even when I am on the same WiFi network as the PC. Any solutions for this issue? Desktop Invision Studio version : 1.13.0-B2...


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Studio Leonardo Lagdameo

Full Invision Studio for iPad

Is there a plan to develop a full functioning Studio design app for iPad Pro? I think this is a good idea since there is a lot of designers and developers are using iPad Pro for their work. 

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