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Studio Jason

How to export html or zip without overlay gui

Hello all, I'm currenly using InDesign Stuido to design some lerning tutorials and leveraging the screen design platform.  However whenever I export my design to zip the only thing in the zip is the jpg or png files for the pag...


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Design News Camila Vasone

Fixed Element mid-way through page

  I understand how to use this tool to create fixed headers and footers. However, I am wondering if there is an easy way to create an effect where an object on the page gets fixed while the user has scrolled the screen. F...


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InVision Cloud Pauly

Member cannot Manage Labels (approve/change labels of a screen)

Hi, I have multiple Members in my team. Some Members can 'approve' screens (Manage Labels) as per: I have other Members in the same team who ...


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Studio Omid

Export from Freehand

Hi - just wondering what the status is on being able to export from Freehand? I saw a couple of threads from last year but no answer. The performance degradation on large projects is pretty bad - it takes 2-3 seconds to load th...


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Studio Pete

Pixelated Images After Down Scaling

Hey great folks at Invision. I've recently switched from XD to Invision Studio and one thing I've noticed that I feel is imperative to all designers is when scaling down an image the image becomes very sharp and loses its "smoo...


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InVision Cloud Lachlan Sunderland

iOS app not respecting automatic redirect delays

Hi there, just found another infuriating and weird issue -_- I'm putting together a prototype for usability testing and need to use automatic redirects with timed delays to mimic interactions. This works very well in the browse...


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DSM Lorraine

DSM can't read naming structure of text styles

I have my text styles named according to a system "Text/Centered Aligned/11pt/11pt Link". Each / name changes accordingly. ie left, centered, right. When syncing to dsm, the folder says text only and I have to import 150 or so ...

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InVision Cloud Amanda

Inspect not working

Hi, for some reason my shapes are not showing up in inspect mode. Can you help me please? I will attach a screenshot, thanks!   In this screenshot, you can see that I have selected the "Shop Now" button (this is not a symbol in...


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InVision Cloud Joseph Ryan

Flashing Between Screens in a Prototype

Hi all, I've been using InVision for a few years now but I'm coming up against an issue that I've experienced before but thought it was a first load issue. I'm getting a flash when linking through to another screen in the proto...


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Craft Rocky

New hotspot in Sketch app doesn't sync in Invision

New hotspot in Sketch app doesn't sync in Invision. For the old hotspot, they are stuck while I'm scrolling. *** I already removed all of the craft installations and installed a new one. I did everything proactively every solut...


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InVision Cloud Peter Marriott

Scroll bars

Within invisionapp for mobile play mode I am now seeing vertical scroll bars. Can these be removed / hidden.


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Studio James Kachan

Scroll to anchor / position ?

Is it possible to have an object trigger an animation to scroll the page? For example, can I set a botton at the top of an artboard to vertically scroll downwards to a specific area on the artboard? Like for a website where cli...


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Studio Brad Cockrell

Publishing from Studio

I have two issues... 1. The Studio publish dialog doesn't see any other prototypes in Invision. Would this be because the existing ones contain sketch files? 2. I've got an existing prototype inside Invision created with Studio...


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InVision Cloud Skip Hanson

Link to point on screen with fixed headers

Hello. Anyone see the issue that if you try and link to a point on a screen with a fix header, the link comes up short? I figure it's because the tool is not compensating for the fixed header size. It's impossible to get it to ...


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InVision Cloud John Sellars

Prototype Hotspots disappearing

We just went through a very frustrating experience investigating some disappearing hotspots. The hotspots were visible in Sketch, but not showing up on Invision. Occasionally, hotspots that had been on an artboard for some time...


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Studio Cherie Tsang

Studio can't publish to web view

Hi, As shown in the screenshot images, I've been trying to update my Studio project to InVision for web-viewing, however, I keep encountering the same error despite trying it for many times. Is there a way to troubleshoot it? T...


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Craft CRi Solutions

Removing Orphaned Craft Hotspots

I used the Craft plugin to setup many hotspots on static design elements. Recently I setup a symbol to replace the static design elements. I deleted the static elements across several artboards, replacing them with the new symb...


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Studio Tanvi

All my artboards have disappeared! Please help!!!

Hi!  I was working on Invision, and then suddenly when I went to view the all of my artboards, They have all now disappeared!!  Ive been working on this project for quite some time now and really need to be fixed for an upcomin...

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Craft Claire

Saved artboards not replacing screens on Invision

Up until recently, when I'd upload a Sktech artboard through Craft to Invision with the same file name it would replace the existing screen in Invision. Now every time I do updates to the artboards in Sketch I get a duplicated ...


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Craft Jeremie Blehm

SVG's assets from Sketch are not sized to artboard

I want to export SVGs from my Sketch document using Craft plugin to InVision where they will be available for download from the Assets tab of the InVision Inspect page. My problem is that the SVGs that are exported via the Craf...


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Studio Jorim Soika

My Prototypes are pixelated!

Hi, I was designing a prototype that I am supposed to be presenting in a few days. Suddenly everything in the artboards became pixelated and now I can't work precisely due to the bad resolution. Interestingly, the resolution wi...


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