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Craft Philipp Travaglia

No Upload Icon available

I am using the Craft Plugin for Sketch for the first time and tried to upload my first artboard. But I can't see an upload icon where it should be.Is this only a feature for paid plans? I am currently a free user and can't find...

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InVision Cloud Mike


Are there any integrations with Bynder, that anyone has worked with?  

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Studio Joshia Gaume

Creating Drag & Drop Functionality

Hi, I'm trying to create the drag and drop functionality. The only reference I have is from a file I got on Dribbble. I'm trying to recreate that but there are differences in their interactions panel and mine. The reference fil...


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InVision Cloud GG

Downloaded prototype doesn't work

I download the prototype, unzip it and open the index file generated by the InVision system. However many screens in my mobile project don't show up inside the prototype mobile phone container when tested locally. The only thin...


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Craft Janneke Annema

craft sync does not work with photoshop

Hello I just started using craft with invision using photoshop If I try to sync my artboards from photoshop to invision nothing happends it just keeps going  this is the screen I have: can someone help me? my photoshop and cra...

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Craft Bruna

Craft not sync with Photoshop

I used to just save the document and it would sync with invision using photoshop, but now have to use Craft and it's stuck not sending the artboards to Invision. I read to reduce to 1x the pixel density, but that didn't helkp e...


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Studio Daniel

Artboard content is not displaying

Hey all - So, I've been working on a landing page all day, closed out IVStudio and upon opening up the file my Artboard isn't showing up. I can see all my layers and click on them, but nothing is displaying.  Screenshot attache...


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Studio Anastasia

Something went wrong with publishing Prototype

The prototype is not published. Reinstalling the program, exiting it, rebooting, etc. does not help. The latest version of Invision Studio is installed. Please help me with this issue 

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InVision Cloud Jackie Smith

Images auto rotating when added to a board

I am adding images to a board, and in this process Invision is auto-rotating some of them incorrectly. I've checked the original files, and they are all the correct orientation. Is there a way to manually rotate within Invision...


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Craft Frédéric BERGIA

Craft not working with Photoshop 2021?

Craft not working with Photoshop 2021? I specify that I have activated "Generator". I wanted to reinstall the CRAFT plugin, but I got the message "Please install the latest version of Adobe Photoshop before running the install...


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Craft James Herbert

1px shift between certain pages in prototype

Hi, I've uploaded, through Craft, a number of artboards from Sketch, all identically sized but I'm experiencing what looks like a 1px shift left/right between cetrain pages within the prototype. It's doing this for both the des...

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InVision Cloud Luc Moers

Freehand password protection?

Is it possible to setup a password link for a Freehand board? I have not found the feature and for security it would be really great to have this.


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Craft Fabio Petito

How to export from Invision to Sketch?

Hi guys With Craft it looks like I can only sync starting from a Sketch project (which I don't have) to Invision (where there is a project).   Thanks in advance for any hints! Fabio


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Studio Lucas

Something went wrong when I publish prototype

Hi, I very often have the same message which prevents me from publishing prototype : "Something went wrong - Please try again. If the problem persists, try signing out and in again." I try to save a new file, delete elements, i...


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Studio Nilesh Pawar

SVG Button text Issue

While downloading the button from InVision inspect mode, I am facing some text alignment issues. Can you please suggest how to fix that? In Sketch artboard I made that button as a symbol and text alignment is center. So in the ...


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InVision Cloud Brent

Elements shifting on Sketch sync

I'm trying to be positive but it is so frustrating that elements keep shifting on upload to Invision. You need to just use the standard image export and make a screenshot of exactly how things were created for the preview part ...


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InVision Cloud Laurel Hulme

Link to anchor on another screen

I noticed someone posted about this a couple years ago, and they were going to add the feature, but it got closed. I need to land on a different part of a page in my prototype. I can only do this if a user actually clicks a but...


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Craft Anouska

Why isn't inspect working on InVision?

When I upload to InVision using Craft I get an error message. Then when I click to inspect a page appears that says: 'Publish direct from your design tool to use Inspect. Inspect makes your designs actionable for development. ...

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InVision Cloud Luka Stanisavljevic

Distance between two objects not showing

Hello, I can't get distance between two objects. I am trying to do it according to this article, where it says I should select first element and hover over ...


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InVision Cloud Blake Ramick

Freehand image quality

Anyone have any best practices for adding higher quality images in Freehand? Mine show up pixelated and the original is not.


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