InVision Cloud JND

Enhancement Idea for Jira Plugin

Currently, we can only add public links to the Invision Jira plugin. What about the ability to add Invision screen history links?  Reason: The public link updates the screen inside the plugin automatically, whenever the screen ...


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InVision Cloud Jarod David

Damage file

How can i recover a damage file? May laptop got laggy so i restart my laptop after i save my file and when i open it, an error pop up says This file could not be opened. 


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InVision Cloud Kyle

Hotspot templates not working?

Howdy, I've applied a hotspot, and it waaas working correctly. but now it is only working on some screens and not on others, even though they are applied to all of them. If it helps, i'm using the latest version of the craft sy...


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Craft zhangyang

can not open craft

10.14.4 MacOS newest craft version donwloaded from invision official site. open craft said crashed. please help solve this problem.


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Craft Sandeep Sarate

Craft logout

From last few week I'm facing issue with craft like each & every time when I trying to update artboard from Sketch he asking me to login...


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Craft Maude Poulin

Unauthorized to create prototype

Hello! I want to publish a specific page of a document in Sketch. When I select « New » instead of « Select existing », i get this error. Anyone can help? I run the latest versions of Sketch and Craft. Thanks! :-)  

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Studio James Kachan

Scroll to anchor / position ?

Is it possible to have an object trigger an animation to scroll the page? For example, can I set a botton at the top of an artboard to vertically scroll downwards to a specific area on the artboard? Like for a website where cli...


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Craft Jeremie Blehm

SVG's assets from Sketch are not sized to artboard

I want to export SVGs from my Sketch document using Craft plugin to InVision where they will be available for download from the Assets tab of the InVision Inspect page. My problem is that the SVGs that are exported via the Craf...


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DSM Gert Bangels

Blurry exports

When I upload my Sketch symbols to DSM, they appear to be blurry, non-retina images. I have tried:- Updating the settings of Craft (which was already at @2x)- Update general preferences of Sketch to include an @2x suffix- Enabl...


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DSM Tamara Kluskens

Error while uploading my Sketch document to DSM

Hi, Everytime I'm trying to upload my Sketch document to DSM it hangs at 87% and after that I get the following message: "There's been an error uploading the document, please try again". I tried five times, but it didn't work...


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Adding videos and GIF animations

Why is it not possible to add a video or GIF as it is done in Principle? Why is there no export of animation to video file or GIF? This is a very necessary function. A lot of people don't use Invison for this reason. Please add...

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Studio Simple Focus

[Invision Studio] Bold fonts not rendering in prototype

I'm having an issue where fonts that are bold (or medium) in InVision Studio are rendering as normal weight in the prototype. They look fine in the grid view of the prototype, but not in play mode. The inspector thinks the font...


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Leveling Up Owen Hughes

User Testing during COVID-19

Best tips for User Testing during Covid-19 I’ve had to run some user testing sessions remote now during Covid and its mostly been pretty smooth! But i thought its worth sharing some tips that i’ve learnt along the way. 1. Make ...


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InVision Cloud Juan

Changing Project Thumbnails

Is there any way to change project thumbnails on the Documents page? In older versions of Invision it was the first slide of your prototype, this is no longer the case.


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InVision Cloud Juliana Cruz

I deleted the prototype by accident.

I deleted the prototype by accidente, how do to recover? Is there any way to get top up? Please, help me!!! The project is really important. 


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Craft Gabriela Meneguelli

Lost work when synching to craft

I am wondering if anyone has experienced the sad and frustrating thing that just happened to me. I saved a file in InDesign, and did tons of changes to it. I know I saved it, I even changed the name of the file. However, someho...

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InVision Cloud Tom Brophy


Does Invision support integration with Lunacy?  I work for the State of CT and we are strictly PC environment, but a vendor we are working with is Mac based and using Sketch, and Invision. We are looking at Lunacy as an alterna...


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Freehand Julie Iversen

Why is my pencil tool acting out?

I have this problem: it turns my lines into filled figures for some reasons. How do I get the pencil to work normally again (without filling figures)?


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Studio Joshia Gaume

Creating Drag & Drop Functionality

Hi, I'm trying to create the drag and drop functionality. The only reference I have is from a file I got on Dribbble. I'm trying to recreate that but there are differences in their interactions panel and mine. The reference fil...


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Studio Sarah Ginsburg

Blurry Images

Hello, when I export my artboards the images become blurry. Tried different image seizes.  How can I fix that? Thank you!

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InVision Cloud Rick Tilghman

Bug w/ "Link to screen" from overlay (black screen)

Mac 10.15.7 / Craft 1.0.105 / Sketch 70.5 Per the title, there's what seems to be a strange bug that I can't get around in a recent invision prototype I built.  To summarize: The prototype has a couple of overlay workflows for...

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DSM Cristina


Hi, I can' t delete itemsI Click the ••• icon in the upper-right corner, but don't works (the icon for open the page works)  Also if I right-click the item.Could anyone help me?Thx


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Studio Kelly Knowles

Responsive resizing in Studio?

I know its in early access so I can't expect it to work 100%. Does anyone know how responsive resizing of elements works in Studio? Only thing I can find about it is that "it's part of its core tenant," which doesn't tell me mu...


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