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InVision Cloud mohammed Mayat

clicking off app menu

 i am prototyping an app, when i click on hamburger menu, my slide menu slide in, but when i want go off the menu how do i get rid of it i want hamburger menu to work like bbc sports menu on app,   i cant rid of the menu once i...


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Craft Bluelevel

Craft Syncing assets from photoshop

Hi I am new to Invision and CraftSync. I have just downloaded it and used it to sync a project (works well).  I am in inspect mode and loving the features but when I click on assets it just says the following: Select assets for...


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Craft Makenna Smutz

Figma + Craft?

Hello! I was wondering if we will ever be able to use craft with Figma? Best Regards, Makenna


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Craft Carolina Carlgren

Sync icon not showing up in sketch

 Hi, I am having trouble installing craft sync. I am following your guide on this page: Bu I get stuck at this point: "In Sketch or Photoshop for Mac, click the Sync i...


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InVision Cloud Bram

FEATURE REQUEST: fixed URL's for LiveShare

I'm doing a lot of user interviews. I share the prototype with them via LiveShare. The only problem is: I can only share one prototype at the time, and the URL is different every time. Because of this, I can't send an e-mail wi...


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Craft Caroline Busson

Can't see links between artboards in sketch

Hello, I'm using Craft in sketch, and when I link the artboards I can see the blue link, but once it's done I can't see the blue links anymore. The prototype is working in invision, but i can't see the links in sketch, and I'm ...


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Craft Thess Angl

craft sync with photoshop CC won't work

Hey there, as I read many people have this problem, that the artboards are not syncing in any pixel density and after turning on the genertor in ther preferences and restarting ps many times..   Sadly the Help Center Community ...


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InVision Cloud Getaway

Screens cut from bottom

Hello :) I have an issue with a prototype on iPhone 7+ where the screens are starting below the status bar however, I didn't enable that in the settings. On iPhone 6 it's working properly. Can you please help solving this issue...


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InVision Cloud Hayley Barile

Linking to a specific location on screen-- problem

I have put a click to a different location of the screen on one of my pages and I specified the location. In the prototype link that I share, the click does not bring the page to the right location of the screen. Is there a way...

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InVision Cloud Hayley Barile

Custom placed overlays

The overlays are being extremely glitchy. I will set a custom placed overlay on my screen (for a dropdown menu) but when I go to view it in preview mode it will be in the wrong place or won't show up at all. Worst of all, when ...


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Craft bobbysojitra

Craft Styleguides not working at all

Hi.. I am running Sketch (43.2) / Craft Manager (v1.043) / Craft Sketch tools  (latest) I am trying to get Document > Create Styles to work via the plugin on a very simple test document with 5 rectangles (different colours), 1 ...


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InVision Cloud Todd Curtis

Basecamp Embed

So I was pretty excited when I saw that I could embed a prototype in Basecamp. But, in fact, it never works. Anyone else had trouble with this or, even better, success with this? I've tried pasting the link in several different...


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Craft Raddah

Craft sync not working after update 48.1

Hello all,    I am trying to sync my boards using craft but it's freezing on processing symbol and hang the sketch application .      CraftManager 1.0.43 is currently the newest version available.      


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Craft Nathan Dana

Library breaking styles (Sketch 48.1)

Not sure if its something wrong with the latest version of Skecth (48.1), but when I try to use Craft to Sync Styles, it starts creating new color swatches seemingly randomly, renames text styles, and each time I click "Sync St...

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Studio Graham Auger

Will there ever be Craft support for Photoshop CS6?

I know that you guys have to be busy prepping for the InVision Studio release which I'm super pumped for and can't wait, but any chance there's at least a slight glimmer of hope that the Craft plugin will eventually be supporte...


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InVision Cloud Juliana Cruz

I deleted the prototype by accident.

I deleted the prototype by accidente, how do to recover? Is there any way to get top up? Please, help me!!! The project is really important. 


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InVision Cloud Zach Hogya

Interaction with Hardware

Hi, I want my prototype to interact with hardware. I realize this is a bit outside the scope of InVision, but we like the software/tools and want to find a way to make it work with our hardware. I haven't discovered an obvious ...


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InVision Cloud josh sylvester

Using sass-based color palette in mockups

Our team would like to use the SASS panel in the inspector for properly communicating with the developers the correct predefined colors that we're using. In the codebase, we have colors defined in a sass/scss file like this: $...


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InVision Cloud Jake Schirm

Craft library not syncing with google drive

It seems all of my library edits are going to the local copy of the library at com.invisionlabs.library but are never making it to my shared copy on google drive. I discovered this by following the instructions here. How do I p...

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InVision Cloud Barbara Mueller

Commenting on a prototype

Usually I send Invision prototypes to our clients and ask them to comment on our prototypes in Invision. Recently I get complaints from clients that they need to login to comment. That is why they give it up and send me an emai...


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