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Studio Kelly Knowles

Responsive resizing in Studio?

I know its in early access so I can't expect it to work 100%. Does anyone know how responsive resizing of elements works in Studio? Only thing I can find about it is that "it's part of its core tenant," which doesn't tell me mu...


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InVision Cloud Nicholas Moy

Problem with overlay within iOS app

Hello! I had some issue with the screen as overlay. Within the desktop app, I had a screen as an overlay, and it works perfectly fine. The result is as follows: However, when testing it on the desktop app, the screen grays out...

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Craft Matt Ellinger

Inspector fields not matching visual shown

After updating my Craft Plugin (2.3.66) my screens in inspector don't operate as expected. When selecting a layer from the list on the left panel, a different symbols similar layer is selected. I've tried renaming all of my sym...

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Studio przemek

Studio - "Reset overrides" seems not working

I have an overridden symbol and i want to reset it to make my instance look just like the original symbol (through right-clik drop-down menu) but it seems not working at all.


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Studio Cecilia Huster

Studio: Changing text color

 The documentation says that I can change text color, but I'm not finding a property for it in the Inspector. See screenshot below. 


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Studio Tom Hiskey

Does Studio link with DSM?

The Design System Manager (DSM) intro video suggests it's possible to push and pull components from Studio to DSM and vice versa. However, in Studio I can't see a way to do this. Obviously both systems are new - perhaps the fea...


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Studio Renato Degiovani

Bug Report: Border Radius on inVIsion Studio

Hey there. I've found a 'little' bug on inVision Studio, hope it's okay to share here, since I didn't find any specific place to do so. Since it's an early access, we're supposed to help find them right? :) So, here it is, when...


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Craft Maureen

Synced prototype - assets not shown in Inspect mode

 Hi all, I've synced and exported all my artboards from Sketch to Invision using Craft Manager. Yet when I go into Inspect mode to export my assets, I get a messages saying: "Select assets for export. Send your designs to InVis...


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InVision Cloud Andres J Cremades

Amount of Projects

Hi, currently I only have one project in My Projects. But somehow the app tells me, I have two. How is this possible? Where is that missing project? I don't even have any archived project. Thanks and good day! Best regards, And...

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InVision Cloud hanxiao

Want to add another language pack.

I'm from China, but I can't use our products very well because I'm a novice. I hope that I can add other language packs to deal with it. I'm willing to become a translator's helper.


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InVision Cloud Blaine Joubert

Screen as overlay not working in the Invision iOS app

Hi, We are using the overlay feature to create a pop out menu. It works great in the browser but on the iOS app when you click on it nothing loads and the prototype is paused until you click outside this. In the screenshots bel...


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Studio Ida Håkonsson

Studio: View prototype in landscape when uploaded

I want to share a prototype I made in Studio with my colleges. The prototype is made in landscape-mode, and works fine inside Studio. But online and on the invision app it will only show as portrait. Is there a workaround, othe...


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Studio Julie Kjærmann-Jensen

Prototype scrolling issues

Just starting out testing Studio, and I have a one pager which in preview mode looks and scrolls as expected. But when I publish it to inVision to share with others, some elements scroll faster/slower than others, making the pa...


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Studio Franco

On load animation of elements in Studio

Is it possible in Studio to allow an object (text, image etc.) to animate as soon as the user loads the screen? We just see in the interaction panel that all animations start with a touch or swipe action but never on screen loa...


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Studio Chris Randalls

Vectors Behaving Badly in Studio

So I'm trying to copy and paste some vector artwork, logos, into Studio and am running into issues. Upon pasting, Studio seems to develop a mind of it's own in terms of how it interprets the vector data and things come out look...


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Studio Michael Hermes

Component states in Studio?

I've read through all the available documentation (and I'm honestly just not sure if I'm understanding the process correctly) but is it possible to currently create a component, say a button, and generate different states such ...


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InVision Cloud Dan Ronner-Bland

Using an invision prototype with a large touchscreen

Hello - I have been trouble getting the hit states on my prototype to trigger from a touchscreen monitor connected to my laptop. I have tried multiple browsers and I can get page scrolls to work, but no other touch interactions...


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Studio Catherine Weitzenkorn

Fill is not working in Studio

Hi there,  When I create an object , i.e. a square in Studio, the fill feature is not filling the object. Even when placed before other content. In other words, it's not a positioning issue.    Thanks!


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