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Pascal Updated

Running out of colours in affinity diagram template

Hi everyone!

I'm analysing interviews using the affinity diagram template, using one colour per interviewee. Now I ran out of colours as there are only seven. Is there some solution to this? I don't know if more colours would be great as it can get difficult distinguishing them. But maybe some pattern on the stickies? Or thicker lines? Just something to keep them apart. The only option I have at the moment is using different font style like italics or bold to keep notes apart and that is not a good solution as it is hard to keep them apart visualy.

Any solution anyone? Thanks for the help!

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InVision ambassador Siobhan , ambassador

I would love more colours in freehands - I'm using them for some mindmaps and using colours to distinguish different topics - 7 colours is very restrictive! Is there a way to get more colours?


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