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Alejandro Cordara
Alejandro Cordara Updated

Bug - Inspector showing History attributes

Hi! I have reported this before but the support team didn't find an answer, and it's happening regularly...

This is what is happening, step by step:

1. I upload a PSD via Craft plugin. It's a UI design with Typography and shapes.
2. Some time later, I upload the same PSD with changes (font or colors), and the mockup is updated on the InVision prototype. The look and feel is OK.
3. Here's the problem: when inspecting the design with IV functionality, I see the old fonts or colors I changed. And the inspector act strange.

For example. I used Adobe Caslon on a design, and in the next upload I changed the font to Gotham. In the inspector I see this:

You can see that the bounding box is shorter than the text... and it's clear that the font on the design is not Adobe Caslon since it's a serif font:

This Bug is causing me troubles with my client, since they keep requesting me to use Gotham even though I already applied it. Same happens sometimes with HEX codes.

Please let me know if there's any way I can avoid this or if it's something you need to fix.


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