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Byron Updated

Implementing a scrollbar

I have a quick question: is it possible to implement a scrollbar on an InVision Cloud mobile prototype (or at least some kind of workaround)? And if so, is there a tutorial on how to do so?

A few of the screens on my iPhone prototype extend past the bottom of the iPhone shell and I wanted to show a scrollbar to indicate there is more content beneath the screen window.


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Sophie Chen
InVision ambassador Sophie Chen , ambassador

You could use a fixed footer. In your artboard, have the scrollbar below the screen on a transparent background. Fix the footer in InVision to above that scroll bar and it'll look like it is floating.

Kannaa Chilla
InVision ambassador Kannaa Chilla , InVision Employee , ambassador

Sophie Chen Thanks for stepping in to help our fellow community member. 

Byron That's a great idea. I'm raising a Feature Request ticket, to further work with you about the feasibility of implementation.




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