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Prioritizing & Implementing Feature Requests

“Feature requests stem from ideas or thoughts that users have in order to help the brand understand how they are using the product." In exchange, they expect the product team to improve the users’ experience by incorporating those features into the product. Feature requests, like bugs and improvements, are an upgraded form of product ideation feedback that makes its way to a SaaS product manager. They can range from suggestions to modify and improve the UI to requests to integrate with other products that customers use, as well as requests for entirely new functionalities.

Feature requests greatly benefit the product roadmap in the following ways:

  • Keep track of product ideas.
  • Prioritize product features.
  • Improve the user experience.
  • Retain and grow theuser base.

Feedback on ideation typically flows through multiple channels, including in-app feedback, customer-facing internal teams, social media, and others.

This seems to be a great addition for the product team to make the product more user-centric, but the main issue is the relevancy, feasibility, and complexity of implementation, which completely depends on prioritizing inflow requests based on many internal and external factors.

To give you an example, as we were going through the existing feature requests that came through our support channel, we compiled a list of over 7500+ feature requests, bugs, and product improvement suggestions. Making it concise, usable, and deliverable was a huge task for the product managers. But, given the importance we place on co-creating products for and with our customers, we were able to get started.

As we’re always trying to improve our process to prioritize all the amazing feedback you have to share, please expect to see more news coming to your way in upcoming weeks and months to come.

And continue sharing your valuable inputs, ideas and all the feedback you’ve about the InVision products you’re using. Our product team might reach out to you if more details about your idea or scenario are required to take the next steps.

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