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How BMO Financial builds efficient multi-product design systems

Almost every firm has a design system, but these standards are frequently limited to fundamental concepts such as colours, patterns, typography, and code snippets. This strategy is effective for single product teams, but when businesses develop and numerous product teams make their own use decisions, documenting these variations becomes difficult and frequently adds a degree of rigidity. To solve this prevalent issue, BMO Financial's digital team developed a comprehensive multi-product design framework, expanding the organisation to benefit the entire firm.

With a strong design system, you can create superior goods. BMO Financial's digital brand head Angela Beal highlighted how the organisation established a design system that fuels and links an expanding subsystem network in a recent InVision Talk. Although BMO teams shared an overarching design system, their design team established sub systems for each significant product line. Retail (secured banking); the public BMO website; internal; sales; and wealth are among these items.

If a component is relevant to more than one team, design system governance moves it from the product-level subsystem to the common design system. However, a component that is unique to a team should be kept within a subsystem.

To learn more about BMO’s design system and more governance best practices, watch the full discussion here.

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