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D. M.
D. M. Updated

Invision Studio pages lost page links (no artboard selected)

I installed InvisionApp Studio on my computer a while ago and created a project with four pages - back then.

Today, I tried opening the project and am now seeing the four pages (Page 1, Page 2...) and below the referenced Artboard 1 (for selected Page 1), Artboard 2 (for selected Page 2) etc.

All the pages have a button(s) that link(s) to the next page (or back) but now, instead of being able to preview and "play" the project simulation I am stuck in the selected page with a "dead button" that has lost its link.

Under the "Interaction" section on the right pane, there are now 2-3 "triggers" (which I didn't set myself) for the same button and when trying to change the link to another page under "Navigate to" it merely says - both before selecting and when selecting the drop-down arrow - "No Artboard Selected".

I tried to publish to my online account but just get one page at a time (the selected page) synced to the website without any link or the rest of the three other pages.

I'm running InVision Studio 1.28.2 with no updates to install.

Can you please advise on how to proceed to get the functionality back again and how to be able to relink the pages?



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D. M.
InVision ambassador D. M. , ambassador Edited

3rd of April 2022 now - almost a full month(!) after above question was posted - and yet ZERO response from this company. I advise ANYBODY to NOT use this product. Even people with paid subscriptions seem to get NO response AT ALL!

Also, this forum appears to be DEAD - which this company soon will be as well. There is no doubt, that this enterprise has some serious issues and something is COMPLETELY off.

Stay away and invest your money into working applications, real support and good quality...!

Mark Mezzanotte
InVision ambassador Mark Mezzanotte , InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi D.M.,

Our apologies for not being able to get in touch with you sooner regarding the issue you are experiencing with Studio.

Based on your description, it sounds like you are showing multiple hotspot triggers for each artboard interaction.

If you remove the triggers that are set up, then save your project and restart Studio, does the issue persist when trying to set new triggers?

If so, I would like to gather some information from you so that I can create a ticket on your behalf to troubleshoot this further.



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