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InVision ambassador ambassador
Rob Loranger
Rob Loranger Updated

can't add Freehand to Microsoft Teams channel

In the past, I have added a Freehand to a channel in MS Teams, but I am not able to figure out how to do that. Currently, when I attempt to add Freehand to an existing channel, I see the dialog box below and am unable to proceed/add Freehand. What am I missing?


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Kannaa Chilla
InVision ambassador Kannaa Chilla , InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi Rob. I'm so sorry for the experience you had. 

Enrique Esparza would you be able to help him with specific steps or workarounds for the issue?

Thank you,
Kannaa Chilla

Enrique Esparza
InVision ambassador Enrique Esparza , InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi Rob,

From the looks of it, your Freehand sidebar looks to be missing and has not been enabled. When you have a moment can you ensure first the Freehand by InVision app had been added to Microsoft. Once added you should be able to Enable the Freehand sidebar app, to then be able to add a freehand document to a channel or chat



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