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Fall in love with this tier ranking template


Tier Ranking, our latest addition to the cluster of Freehand templates provides genuine ranking system that simplifies the requirement to identify and subjectively evaluate large number of things while also allowing teams to stimulate dialogues and retain inclusivity when making time-sensitive judgments.
It is visualisation map that aggregates wide range of ideas and viewpoints, creating digital place for cross-functional approach to debating concepts and issue solutions. 

Tier rankings are frequently presented in the form of lists with color-coded rectangles, with the top tier of rectangles representing the most significant things on the ranking and the bottom tier identifying the least essential items.

These rectangles or tiers can sometimes be structured in a more customised manner, with the top rectangle identifying the most time sensitive goods and the bottom most rectangle establishing the least urgent objects. You may edit what each tier is called with Freehand's Tier Ranking Template.

Laura Furlong, Content Marketing Manager at InVision gave a complete breakdown of this brand new template and also how we at InVision get the most out of it.

Now it is your turn to get hands on with this new addition to create a wider team inclusivity today!

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