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Eugene Liahor
Eugene Liahor Updated

Invision Improvements


First of all, I want to thank all Invison Studio team members for this cool and unique application. I really enjoy the working process and still didn't find a better solution for my work.

I've been working with the app for 5 years and always following for any updates. But I noticed that developers stopped updating Studio via Invision Studio 2. I have already checked about new features and functions - sound good! I hope we will see this application soon.

Also, I want to add some useful and necessary features which time to time I can't reach into my working process. I didn't create some hierarchy, all options are the same.

1. Background Blur

Since MacOS & Windows 11 transformed to glassmorphism we really need this option into our interface. Even native iOS interface options cannot be created into Invision because of that.

2. App Performance

I know that Invison 2 will be much faster. I hope all iOS and Android mirror applications will become faster too.

3. Tidy margins between elements

Please add custom settings between any elements. And an option to drag & drop them between each other (Sketch & Figma have already have this.) This tiny feature really increases the working process.

4. Pages list dynamic height

When you have too many pages in your project file it really hard to navigate between them.

5. Combined shapes

It would be great to add "Flatten" option for combined shapes. For example, If I want to create a single shape from two combined shapes and after that add another shape with "Subtraction Selection" - all shapes begin to conflict with each other.

6. Converting text to outlines

Very useful option. Please, add this one.

7. Plugins

More and more plugins for that great application.

8. Lottie & GIF

Please, add an option to insert Lottie's animation files. That would be great to have complex animations for Game Interfaces.

9. Inspect mode improvements

I have already created a post about that issue. Still can't download JPG@3x, PNG@3x and SVG files from uploaded prototypes. That is a key moment that stops a lot of designers to use Invision Studio as a single tool for all design processes.

10. Anchor Points

Anchor points in the timeline will increase animation and interaction on another level. Believe me.

11. Bitmap images adjustments

A little bit controls for bitmap images. Hue, Saturation, Selection, Crop and others.

12. Shape key points

Please add a possibility to animate open shapes.

13. Devices artboards

It would be great to update presets of devices when you create a new artboard.

14. Scale mode

Very very useful option. Instead of transformation, we could scale the whole element.

15. Mirror icons

Please add "mirror icons" to the interface instead of dropdown options.

16. Vector to Bitmap

Very convenient option. Convert any shape, any text to a bitmap in one click.

17. Copy and Past from Sketch

Recently this option worked. But now Invision Studio crashes when you copy something from Sketch and paste it to Invision.

18. Text options

Please add more options for text editing.

19. Cloud

I know that this feature will be implemented in Invision Studio 2. I hope :)

20. More animation options and transitions for text in the timeline


So, that all. Again, thanks for your application and good working experience with it.


Eugene L.

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Tom Djajadiningrat
InVision ambassador Tom Djajadiningrat , ambassador

I second in particular 10, 12, 17 (bug fix) and 20.


Raynor B
InVision ambassador Raynor B , ambassador

Hi Eugene,

Thanks for taking the time to offer your feedback on Studio and your experiences with it. We really appreciate it!

Many of the options you've mentioned are already on our Product team's radar, and they are monitoring the interest for these and taking that into account. These include: 

1. Background Blur
6. Converting text to outlines
8. Lottie & GIF 
10. Anchor Points
12. Shape key points
13. Devices artboards
14. Scale mode
16. Vector to Bitmap
19. Cloud

The rest of your points will need more details or troubleshooting. 

In order to pass on your feedback, add your votes to the appropriate feature requests, gather further details, and do any necessary troubleshooting, I will be creating a ticket on your behalf. Please keep an eye out for an email regarding this shortly. 

Thanks, Eugene!









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