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Tom Djajadiningrat
Tom Djajadiningrat Updated

[Q] Confused about different Invision products

I'm using Invision Studio and uploading to to share my prototypes with others in my team.

Now I'm trying to understand whether we could benefit from other products in the Invision portfolio but I have a hard time understanding what does what. Is there any comparison matrix or concise functionality description anywhere?

This is my newbie understanding:

Freehand: like Miro and Mural, a shared online whiteboard, targeted at early stage development.

Studio: develop with a native app on Windows/Mac, with sharing of prototypes in the cloud. Studio includes timeline based animation.

Craft: syncing of screens with Sketch/PS. Interaction is hotspot and transition based. It does not include timeline based animation. I don't really understand the tradeoffs involved with choosing Craft or Invision Studio.

Inspect: a feature of invisionapp in the cloud to easily pick up positions, dimensions and colours of assets.

Spec: an additional product or plug-in (?) which helps convert design to code (Angular, Vue, HTML)

Prototype: I'm lost.


Any light on this would be great.


// Tom



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Kannaa Chilla
InVision ambassador Kannaa Chilla , InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi Tom

You already know a lot of information about various InVision products!

Craft is an addon plugin for Sketch and Photoshop that helps streamline your design workflow

Prototype helps you to create mockups of different websites and mobile applications right within Sketch!

To know more in detail about the product/tool that suits you the best and even become an expert, please do explore Learn.

Eugene Liahor
InVision ambassador Eugene Liahor , ambassador


I prefer to use Invision Studio to create prototypes from light wireframes to high fidelity mockups with complex animation. So an answer on your question - Studio app can solve all your needs.

Hope this helps.

Eugene L.

Tom Djajadiningrat
InVision ambassador Tom Djajadiningrat , ambassador

Thank you both for your replies. The bit I am interested in is complex animation with control over individual screen elements, not just pre-cooked transitions. Do I understand correctly that within the Invision portfolio, Studio is the only product which offers control over complex animation? All the other offerings work with hotspots and pre-cooked transitions?

Raynor B
InVision ambassador Raynor B , ambassador

Hi Tom,

You're correct, regular prototypes created within the web app or synced via Craft from Sketch or Photoshop use pre-selected transitions, while motion animation transitions are only available in Studio. 

Thanks, Tom!



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