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Yannik Updated

Typography / Text scaling and allignment options by cap height and baseline missing entirely

In Studio it appears as though typography doesn't ever scale and align right (this may be a bug or someone may have made a mistake).
I initially assumed that all your scaling and alignment is based on the fonts ascender and descender, but surprisingly, the gray box you draw around your text is different from every other software.
To visualize this, a made an example.
This is different common fonts in your Studio app. (the first highlighted font is Arial)
All the fonts and cubes are set to size 20.
As you can see, all fonts have a different size and none align properly with the cube.
Other software have options to control this. Here is Adobe Illustrator with the same fonts, all scaled to 20:
Adobe calls this option font height reference.

Allowing users to scale all fonts properly based on the fonts cap height and baseline.
This not working properly, poses a major issues for our team and handing off designs to production.
If there is a fix for this, please be so kind to let me know. I could even do with a permanent fix which keeps the scale at cap height and baseline. Just the way it currently works, doesn't work at all for us.
Thanks for your time and help.

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Raynor B
InVision ambassador Raynor B , InVision Employee , ambassador

 Hi Yannik,

Thanks for your getting in touch regarding these issues with text scaling. 

I'm going to go ahead and create a ticket on your behalf so that our Support team can look into this further for you. You'll receive an email from me regarding this shortly. 

Thanks, Yannik!



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