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Gergely Gurmai
Gergely Gurmai Updated

Feature request: Reorder Walkthroughs

I love Freehand because it's like a blank sheet of paper: I can draw wherever I want. I use it a lot for brainstorming. It will usually result that my thoughts I not arranged in a left-to-right order.

The Walkthroughs feature look neat but I can't use it properly this way as I should reorder all the content in order to make the Walkthrough work as expected.

Sometimes it's just a lot of overhead, other times the left to right order would be just inappropriate (e.g. I want to refer back to an earlier frame in my presentation or my content is arranged in columns like in a newspaper).

It would be great if I could rearrange my Walkthrough frames in any order.

I look at Walkthroughs as a presentation layer of my Freehand. With this view, it's even possible that I would create a different walkthrough for a different presentation. See PowerPoint, Google Slides or Prezi: they all support reordering your slides.

Thank you!

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Maria Fernandez
InVision ambassador Maria Fernandez , InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi Gergely,

Thanks for taking the time to write into our Community to share this detailed feedback about Freehand. It is greatly appreciated! This is actually a feature that our Support and Product teams are already tracking interest for.

I will open a ticket on your behalf to track your interest for this potential feature. Please keep an eye out for an email indicating that we’ve formally tracked your feedback.

Have a great day!


NOTE: If anybody else would like to add their feedback about this potential feature, please use the “ADD YOUR VOTE” button on the original post.


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