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InVision ambassador ambassador
Jason Crowley
Jason Crowley Updated

Selecting an artboard then pressing sync within Sketch no longer syncs with Craft


  1. I click an artboard in Sketch
  2. I click the sync to InVision icon within Sketch
  3. This toggles Craft sync, but instead of showing the selected artboard to sync within Craft, Craft now says "Select Sketch Document". So I now have to click this link, manually search to the Sketch file, manually select artboards from a drop down - which is an impossible way to work

Steps I've done 

  1. Followed instructions to do a complete uninstall of Craft from a Mac (including all of the obscure folders and files within ~Library/...
  2. Downloaded the latest subscription version of Sketch (Sketch 78)
  3. Installed CraftManager again 
  4. Installed Craft plugin into Sketch

The problem still persists.
This occurred out of the the blue, one day I was able to sync, the next I am unable to sync. 

OS BigSur 11.6

I have restarted my computer multiple times to no effect.

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Jamie Boepple
InVision ambassador Jamie Boepple , ambassador

This happened to me this morning as well. Looks like there hasn't been an update in a month, so I'm not sure why this would suddenly stop working. Following!

InVision ambassador Don , ambassador

Same here since updating Craft today...

Hannah Folkerts
InVision ambassador Hannah Folkerts , ambassador

Same here, I got the "Select sketch document", which won't work with Sketch Workspace.

Alex Fedorov
InVision ambassador Alex Fedorov , ambassador

I'm also having the same issue and when I click Select Sketch Document it only allows you to browse for local files. My document is in the Cloud/workspace. Hoping this gets resolved soon because not being able to publish is major. Does anyone know if you can manually export PNG's at 2x size and drag into Invision, or will that throw off the resolution/link hotspots for the whole document?

Danielle Matherne
InVision ambassador Danielle Matherne , ambassador

Following -- experiencing the same issue very suddenly, been working all day and suddenly, unable to sync artboards.


InVision ambassador khurram , ambassador

Having same issue


Nicolas Muiño
InVision ambassador Nicolas Muiño , ambassador

Same here - im using sketch with abstract so I can't select a local file.

We need a fix for this ASAP

Ross Gehm
InVision ambassador Ross Gehm , ambassador

Starting having the same issue around 11am this morning. I'm also using Sketch Cloud, so I can't select a local file.  

Insun Lee
InVision ambassador Insun Lee , ambassador

Having the same issue. Can you fix it ASAP?

Danielle Matherne
InVision ambassador Danielle Matherne , ambassador

UPDATE: Got in touch with Support and it's now noted in status board --

They're investigating and hopefully will have a fix up soon

Jason Crowley
InVision ambassador Jason Crowley , ambassador

Yay the latest update has fixed it :)

Raynor B
InVision ambassador Raynor B , InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi everyone,

As Danielle and Jason have already mentioned, we have released a fix for the issue that's been discussed in this thread. 

Please note that for this fix to be applied, Craft Manager must be updated to the latest version:

  • Open Craft Manager, click the cog icon, and select Quit
  1. Re-open Craft Manager, click the cog icon, and select Preferences...
  2. In the bottom-right corner of the window, select Check for updates

  3. Follow any prompts if necessary
  4. Restart Sketch
  5. Verify that the Craft plugin is on 1.0.124 by navigating to Plugins > Manage Plugins... within Sketch

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, but hopefully this fix will resolve things for you. 

If this issue persists for you, please submit a Support ticket and let us know.



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