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Nilesh Patel
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External Links Problem in Download Prorotype feature (points to /redirect?url=)

Problem with External Links Feature in Invisions V6 Cloud. 

When using a external LINK , then doing a Download Prototype.  We take the ZIP file content and deploye it on our website domain.  

Problem is the javascript code, is redirecting the all External Links to /redirect?url=[URL] we proivded.  this leads to 403 error page, because it never find the /redreict?url=  file on server.


I noted problem is caused from the script.js file

var t = "file:" === window.location.protocol ? e.url : "/redirect?url=" + encodeURIComponent(e.url)

So its looking to see if index.html is being run from local computer, else code wants browser to go thru 
I think this needed to be corrected. so no /redirect is used for the Download Prototype ZIP script.js file.

to fix this, we manualy have to update the script.js to remove the "/redirect?url=" logic and replace it with other code below:
Original code in script.js file
openExternalUrl:function(e){var t="file:"===window.location.protocol?e.url:"/redirect?url="+encodeURIComponent(e.url),

Replaced with:

openExternalUrl:function(e){var t=e.url,


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