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InVision ambassador ambassador
Dirk Winkler
Dirk Winkler Updated

MS Teams got Black Backround

Hey there, what can that be?

I got for all my freehands a blck backround, when i load them in MS Teams. In any browser everything is ok. But in Teams it looks like this. What can i do? Thx for helping me.

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InVision ambassador Natalie , ambassador

I have the same issue. Freehand in Teams has a black background, but online at they are white.
The black is frankly awful and hard to read.

Raynor B
InVision ambassador Raynor B , InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi Dirk and Natalie,

It sounds like you might be encountering a known issue with Freehands in MS Teams. 

Natalie, I see that you already have a ticket open with us regarding this. You should have a response from us now, so please feel free to reply to that ticket with any updates.

Dirk, I'm going to go ahead and create a ticket on your behalf to pass this on to our Support team. Please keep an eye out for that email shortly. 

Thanks for reaching out via our Community!


If anyone else is experiencing this issue, please submit a support request to report the issue you’re encountering.

Anjela Godber
InVision ambassador Anjela Godber , ambassador

I am also experiencing this issue and when i went to submit a support request, the drop down menu does not list Freehand in MS Teams.

Can I also open a ticket?

Dmitry Bavykin
InVision ambassador Dmitry Bavykin , ambassador

I used FreeHand app within MS Team whole previous academic year for tutoring my module. I found it very useful. However, recently I discovered that all our writing in FreeHand app has turn to black background when viewing from the MS Team. Is there any way to resolve it? The new academic year is starting soon and I need to decide whether or not I can use FreeHand app. Thanks for you help and support. 

InVision ambassador Jenny , ambassador

Same problem in MS TEAMS. Chrome OK Firefox black screen. With the last update of firefox 92.0.1 is now ok.
Wth the last update of MS Teams (for MS Windoes), the background remain black -> unusable


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