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Linda Pham
Linda Pham Updated

Can't see name of artboard uploaded from sketch

With the new updates that InVision pushed out including "Frames", artboards that were uploaded from Sketch no longer have artboard names associated with them. How do I bring this back? 

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Raynor B
InVision ambassador Raynor B , ambassador

Hi Linda,

That's for getting in touch via our Community; though I'm sorry to hear that you're having some troubles with Freehand.

So that I can pass this on to our Support team, I'd like to gather some more information. 

  • If you're comfortable/able to share here, could you please provide some screenshots or a screen recording showing this issue occurring?
  • Does this issue continue in a private/incognito window, or a different browser?
  • Could you please confirm your browser and OS details by going to, clicking the “Copy” button, and pasting the link it gives you into your reply?

Looking forward to your reply!


Janette S
InVision ambassador Janette S , ambassador

I'm having the same issue. Example attached; the blue border is the hover style showing the edge of the artboard.

Dan Macmahon
InVision ambassador Dan Macmahon , ambassador

Also having this problem.  It's really hard to find in my Sketch file which version of a screen I need to make changes to . The name of artboards used to be there.

Problem exists for me in Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Problem exists for new and older freehands.
Even older Freehands from 12 months ago (have not been updated) that i KNOW used to show artboard names, are no longer showing them.


Please enable an option to show/hide artboard names. Thanks.




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