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Orientation in Studio

OK, so I've tried and tried and looked but for some reason, INVS seems to have decided orientation is not important enough in prototyping? All tablets, phones or screens ARE ALWAYS in Portrait.

Someone help me, I used to be able to simply go to my screens I uploaded from Sketch and change orientation, now that I got suckered (it feels like this) into Invision Studio because 'It's the best tool for prototyping', I can't for the life of me find out HOW TO CHANGE ORIENTATION?! 


I already have all my screens on preset Android Nexus 9 and I switched Width and Height, so now it's landscape. Simple enough yes? Nope.


Uploaded the prototype to INVS just to find out it's still in Portrait and nowhere in the online environment can I change this, nowhere!! How is this the superior tool when a basic functionality like replacing images, making subcontent scrollable,changing orientation are not even in this? How am I supposed to 'start user testing' when orientation is set in stone? Am I not allowed to test landscape designs? 

Screenshots that show the difference between Sketch uploaded to INVS and the same screen, made online directly (whic does give me the option!). Seriously mods, explain to me why and how I am supposed to fix this...Its maddening!



1: how it should be. I can click on a prototype and change it orientation.



2: When I upload DIRECTLY FROM INVISION STUDIO -> zero customizability 

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Camille M
InVision ambassador Camille M , ambassador Edited

Hi WWi App Test Account,

Thanks so much for reaching out today! I'll be happy to help with your query. 

Currently, it's not possible to create responsive prototypes allowing you to preview in different devices/orientations within the same Studio prototype. These would need to be uploaded as separate prototypes. 

However, this is a potential feature that our Product team are monitoring the interest for, and taking this into consideration when planning for future updates to Studio and InVision. To that end, I've gone ahead and added your vote to this feature request. 

I'm sorry I don't have a more satisfying answer today, but if you have any additional questions regarding this or anything else, please don't hesitate to let us know. We're always happy to help!



NOTE: If anybody else would like to add their feedback about this potential feature, please “ADD YOUR VOTE” using the button on the original post.

WWi App Test Account
InVision ambassador WWi App Test Account , ambassador



I am not asking for a responsive prototype. I am asking where it is possible to change orientation from Portrait to Landscape (permanently, not based on viewport). 
So you are saying it's impossible for a INVS STUDIO prototype uploaded, to have a landscape view AT ALL? that is insane...5+year old prototyping tool without landscape?!


"to preview in different devices/orientations within the same Studio prototype." this is now what I want nor need. I need just Landscape, not portrait. I have two different files for the two orientations.

Camille M
InVision ambassador Camille M , ambassador

Hi there,

Apologies for misunderstanding your query.

You can absolutely have landscape oriented artboards within Studio! You can either swap the width/height of an existing preset artboard size, as shown below, or create a custom artboard:


Let us know if you have any further questions.




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