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Cristobal Romero
Cristobal Romero Updated

(RESOLVED) I can't see Craft Manager extension on Photoshop / Mac M1 Chip

Hi everyone,

Today I realice that I can not see the "extensions" option on the windows menu on Photoshop and therefore, I ca not see the Craft Manager extension of course.

After I call with Adobe and a several emails with Invision I realize that the problem is not Photoshop or the extension, instead, it is the M1 compatibility.

So, if you have a Mac with the M1 Chip and the same problem, you need to do the next steps:

  1. Navigate to the Applications folder in Finder
  2. Expand the 'Abode Photoshop 2021' folder
  3. Right click on 'Adobe Photoshop 2021' application
  4. Select 'Get Info' from the displayed modal
  5. Check the option - 'Open using Rosetta'
  6. Quit any existing Photoshop sessions
  7. Re-open Photoshop
  8. Navigate to the 'Window' folder and see that the 'Extensions (legacy)' option appears in the menu
  9. From this submenu you can add the Craft plugins
  10. Craft Sync can now be used

Thank you so much to the Invision support. I hope this can help you.

Some helps links:


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Raynor B
InVision ambassador Raynor B , InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi Cristobal,

Thanks so much for reaching out via our Community to share your discoveries on this issue for others who may be experiencing this! We appreciate it a lot!

I can see that you already have tickets with our Support team regarding this, as you mentioned, so please feel free to add any updates to your ticket. 

Have a fantastic day, Cristobal!



Alejandro Cordara
InVision ambassador Alejandro Cordara , ambassador

Hi, thanks for your help! This was exactly the problem I had.

Un Saludo!


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