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ENIGMA SOI Sp. z o. o.
ENIGMA SOI Sp. z o. o. Updated

Different behavior after buy licence

Before buy licence our workflow with InVision was:

  • create new project
  • insert already designed screens in project
  • share screens with other users
  • comments and resolve screen threads
  • change status of screen from IN_PROGRESS to APPROVED


After buy professional licence we expect following behaviour:

  • create new project
  • design screens in InVision Studio
  • export screen to created project
  • share screens with other users
  • comments and resolve screen threads
  • change status of screen from IN_PROGRESS to APPROVED



  1. How can We export screens from InVision Studio to project created in view:
  2. We see only view like:
    How can We access view like:
  3. What's difference between prototypes used in old view:
    with prototypes in new view:
  4. After click on prototype we see view without many functionalities like change view status to APPROVED:
    How can we restore old functionalities like change screen status?

Out license:


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Raynor B
InVision ambassador Raynor B , InVision Employee , ambassador


Thanks for reaching out to our community today. I'll do my best to help address your queries. 

For some background, we currently have two active environments: Cloud V6, which is our current environment, and Cloud V7 which is our new environment that we have been rolling out to a certain number of new users. Each of these use the same login credentials, but are completely separate from each other, and behave slightly differently from each other.

Looking at your last screenshot, I can see that you're currently on our Cloud V6 Professional plan. Please be aware that these two environments' plans and pricing structures are different, and if you have a Cloud V7 account under the same email address, your V6 Professional plan will not extend to your V7 account. 


Onto your questions:


Q1: My apologies, I'm not quite sure what you're attempting to achieve here; could you please expand on this and provide some further details? 


Q2: These screenshots are both from a Cloud V7 account, and are different views. The first screenshot is showing a Space and all the documents within it (Please note: Spaces are only available for Enterprise accounts in Cloud V6). The second screenshot is showing the screen overview of a Cloud V7 prototype. To access this view, you need to open a prototype by clicking into it. 


Q3: These screenshots show the same view but the first is for a Cloud V6 account, and the second is for a Cloud V7 account. Again, the second screenshot is showing documents within a Space (which is not available in non-Enterprise accounts in Cloud V6). 


Q4: This screenshot is showing a Studio prototype. Studio prototypes are a different project type to regular prototypes, and behave differently in the web view. For example, Studio prototypes cannot be edited in the web view, and it's not possible to apply Workflow statues to Studio screens. You can share and preview Studio prototypes from the web view, but all editing must be done in the Studio app itself. 


Since your paid subscription is within Cloud V6, you'll likely want to make sure that you're always working in that environment. To do this, please ensure that you're selecting the "Personal" option from the "Select a team to launch" screen when signing into InVision:


You can may also find the following articles and resources helpful: 


I hope this information is helpful, but please let us know if you have any additional questions. 




ENIGMA SOI Sp. z o. o.
InVision ambassador ENIGMA SOI Sp. z o. o. , ambassador

Hi Raynor,

Thank You for Your reply. It explained a lot to me. A have a few issues about those questions:

Q1: How can I export prototype which is created in InVision Studio App to Cloud V6. This is required for developers to inspect prototype assets, margins, colors etc. If it is available only for Cloud V7 I want transfer license from Cloud V6 to V7. How many prototypes can I create in InVision Studio using my present Professional license? I need unlimited number.

Q2: If I click on prototype in Cloud V7 it transfer me to:

where I can only Play view. I think it happens when I create prototype using InVision Studio. After make some screenshots and create new prototype and then click on prototype in Cloud V7 view I correct (I can add labels In_Progress, Approved etc.). It is required to create 2 prototypes, one for InVision Studio, one for screenshots to add labels to screen I designed?

Camille M
InVision ambassador Camille M , ambassador


Thanks for following up!

In order to access your V6 account in Studio, you'll need to sign out, then when signing back in select the "Personal" account as shown in the image below:

Studio will publish to the account that's selected when signing in, so it sounds like you currently have your Studio signed in to your V7 account.  

I can also confirm that the Professional plan allows for unlimited prototypes, so you won't run into any document limits! You can view more detailed information on the Professional plan allowances here: Plans & Pricing.

You're correct that Studio files behave a little differently than flat (non-Studio) prototypes in the InVision Cloud page, and the Labels feature is not currently available for Studio prototypes. I'd be happy to pass on your feedback that you'd like to see this feature in the future though!

I'd like to have our Tier 2 Support team review to make sure there isn't a workaround or another way of accomplishing this in our product currently. They'll be reviewing further and following up shortly once they have more information for you.





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