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Matthew Peters
Matthew Peters Updated

Help with changing background color in InVision Prototype embedded in external site

I'm not sure which board I should be posting this on, but I'm looking to find a way to remove the white border around my prototype when I embed it within my Squarespace portfolio. My Squarespace background is a cream color, and I'd like the space around the phone prototype to match that rather than being a white box around the phone. Do you know if there is some sort of code I could add into the embed code to either change the background color or make it transparent? I have attached a screenshot of what I am talking about. Thanks in advance!

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Camille M
InVision ambassador Camille M , ambassador

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to customise the background behind your mobile prototypes, be it in console links (dark) or in share links (white). Sorry about the inconvenience!

This is a feature request we're currently monitoring, and I went ahead and added your +1 for seeing it implemented.

If you have any additional questions, or if I misunderstood your query, please let me know.



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