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InVision ambassador ambassador
Mohit Updated

How to install craft and the necessary steps to access it in my windows 10 and how to access my porotypes in them vin Photoshop

I installed craft on my windows and opened it in photoshop and i even signed in but I couldn't import any invision prototypes as it was showing no prototypes. So I am confused rights now on how to go ahead on how to gain access to craft on my windows 10

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Camille M
InVision ambassador Camille M , ambassador

Hi Mohit,

Hi Naveen,

Thanks for writing in today, and sorry for the trouble here!

Can you let me know if these steps to enable Craft Sync for Photoshop allow you to use Craft successfully in Photoshop?

If not, could you share some further details?

  • Screenshots of what's going wrong
  • Your Craft and Photoshop versions




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