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Gloria Patricia De la Cruz Torres
Gloria Patricia De la Cruz Torres Updated

Artboards from Sketch does not sync properly to inVision

I installed and relaunch Sketch to de 72.4 version, my mac is with macOS Big Sur 11.4, I already check that the Craft Plugin is enabled but my artboards didn't sync properly so I deleted them and try to upload them again, in the Craft plugin appears that "no artboard has been changed" now I don't have nor my screens updated but also I don't have my screens anymore. 

I've made some tests with other artboards and they didn't get updated either.

I already:

- Deleted Craft plugin and installed it again

- Check enabled plugin Craft

- Have newest software version in my mac (macOS Big Sur 11.4) and also in Sketch (72.4 version)

- Have V1.0.112 (238) Craft version installed


I already manage to upload my screens but they all look like this.. what´s going on? I can see it is not a sync problem.

Any suggestions? I really need the help in order to continue working

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official comment

Camille M
InVision ambassador Camille M , ambassador

Hi all,

This is Camille from the InVision Support team — I wanted to follow up with you regarding the Craft issue you encountered and reported earlier today that was causing screens to appear broken on the web.

We're happy to announce that our Engineers were able to get that issue fixed and you should not expect to encounter it any longer. The images should all load as expected now without the need to resync them either. 

Thank you for your patience while our team worked on sorting this out. We want to make sure everything is fully working as intended now, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or lingering issues with this. We're here to help!



InVision ambassador Josiah , ambassador

I'm having this exact issue as well. I'm on latest versions of both Craft/Sketch running on MacOS Catalina. 


InVision ambassador ELIZ - SIXIN , ambassador

I'm having the same issue, yesterday I was able to upload but today this is what happened:

ABoleiko AxiomSL
InVision ambassador ABoleiko AxiomSL , ambassador Edited

I'm having the same issue. 

Barbara Inostroza
InVision ambassador Barbara Inostroza , ambassador Edited

I have the same problem. 
I created the prototype and when I upload the sketch file to invision app web doesn't work. 

Lidia Kelly
InVision ambassador Lidia Kelly , ambassador

Hello I am having a similar issue. When I push my designs into InVision via Craft the design is falling apart and is rendering incorrectly like this:

I am used the latest version of Sketch and upgraded Craft. Any idea why this is happening?


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