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InVision ambassador ambassador
Sara Kheiravar
Sara Kheiravar Updated

"Sync" doesn't appear under Photoshop extensions

We have installed the latest version of craft sync for windows (Craft Sync Windows Installer) but the Sync does not appear in Photoshop menu Window > Extensions >. We use the windows 10 and the latest Photoshop version (22.4.1). We tried all uninstalling, restarting Photoshop, and restarting computer solutions. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Camille M
InVision ambassador Camille M , ambassador

Hi Sara,

We're sorry to hear of the troubles you're experiencing enabling Craft Sync in Photoshop!

At this point, I would like to collect some more information in order to investigate why this is happening:

  • Do you have Administrative rights to your machine?
  • What version of the Craft plugins are you using?
  • Could you provide a screenshot showing what’s going wrong?

Once we have those details, we'll be able to investigate further into this issue for you.




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