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Lana Shauchenka
Lana Shauchenka Updated

Prototypes embedded with public share links not loading and blinking

Hi, I tried to embed prototype using public share link. I reached out to third party software support and their reply was that this is InVision bug: So the issue here is that there is a cross-origin request coming from the iframe. From what we can see it's coming from a Marketo lead tracking plugin that needs to resolved by Invision.

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Matt Grunstad
InVision ambassador Matt Grunstad , ambassador

The sounds like the same problem I'm running into, the information within the Share window doesn't load at all unless I'm in incognito mode

Camille M
InVision ambassador Camille M , ambassador

Hi Lana,

Thanks for reaching out today, and I'm sorry to hear of the frustration you're running into with your project embed!

Could you please provide me with the following information, so we can take a closer look into why this is occurring:

  • Can you send over a link to the page you have the embed on?
  • Can you share the share link of the prototype you're embedding?
  • Can you share a screen recording of the issue you're seeing?
  • What browser and operating system are you using? You can get these details by going to, clicking “Copy”, and pasting the link it gives you here.

I realise you were probably hoping for more answers than questions, but this information will help us figure out what is going on. We will standby for your reply and from there we will troubleshoot further.

Matt- If you are able to access your projects in an incognito session, it sounds like you’ll need to clear that data (cache and cookies) from your browser. For help doing that, please see Clearing your browser's cache and cookies for more detail. Once cleared as per the above instructions, please restart your browser and attempt to perform the InVision action again. If you're still having trouble after that, please do let us know.




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