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Rob Toloy
Rob Toloy Updated

InVision Studio is a nightmare in terms of performance

I just downloaded InVision Studio for Windows 10.
I'm running NVIDIA 1080ti, i7 processor, and 500GB SSD.

I downloaded the Velocity template made available on their website, trying to create a simple dashboard concept.
Can't even scroll without waiting 10 seconds for the entire artboard to refresh, I can see missing areas of the document.
I'm trying to change the text in one of the components and it lags for 13s before the font goes missing and then the text becomes editable. I press 1 key to change the text value, and it takes 9s for it to reflect my input.

I don't know how they're QA-ing this, but holy crap.

Don't try this if you need something done in 1 week.

Going back to Sketch and trying the Velocity sketch file as this product literally doesn't make sense from a usability standpoint. Ironic that InVision's attempt is the most unusable experience for Windows users.

I'm grateful for the free template, the offering on Windows, but why release something that goes against the essence of usability?

Makes the latest Mac OS updates + laggy Sketch/Anima configuration feel like a Tesla. Figma, too.

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Raynor B
InVision ambassador Raynor B , InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi Rob,

Thanks for reaching out to our Community! I'm sorry to hear that you're having some difficulties with Studio.

So that our Support team can troubleshoot this further with you, I'd like to gather some more information. 

  • Could you please send through some screenshots or a screen recording showing these performance issues occurring
  • Which version of Studio are you running?
  • Could you please send some screenshots of both the “Device specifications” and the “Windows specifications” sections on the “About” page?

This information will help us dig into this issue further. Looking forward to your reply!



Rob Toloy
InVision ambassador Rob Toloy , ambassador

movie recording soon

Rob Toloy
InVision ambassador Rob Toloy , ambassador


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