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Juha Flythström
Juha Flythström Updated

Freehand sharing link only gives View access


First off, thanks for a great product.

I have an issue with link sharing of a Freehand board: No matter how many times I update the link sharing settings to give anyone with the link to have both Writing and editing access – they don't. Only view access is granted.

This is a big issue as not everyone in our organization has or has a desire to have an InVision account, but we have to be able to collaborate on Freehand boards.

Please let me know what I could be doing wrong or if this is an issue that could be fixed ASAP.

Thanks alot!

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Noel Smetanig
InVision ambassador Noel Smetanig , ambassador

I have the same issue. We used to be able to send Freehand links to everyone (even people with not InVision account) to collaborate. This setting is gone.

Please resolve

Thank you 

Damon Zick
InVision ambassador Damon Zick , ambassador

+1 for anonymous editing. This registration requirement presents a hurdle to full cross-team collaboration.

Raynor B
InVision ambassador Raynor B , ambassador

Hi Juha, Noel, and Damon,

Thanks for reaching out today. I'll be happy to address this point. 

Currently within Cloud V7 accounts, Freehands require users to have InVision accounts and be a member of the team to participate. 

Freehands can be shared by invited people directly to the document, or providing a document link. When editing the link settings for a document link, the "Anyone with the Link" and "Edit, draw, view" settings indicate the permissions given to a user opening that link once they become part of a team. The "Anyone with the link" setting will still require that user to have an InVision account and join the team to be able to participate in the Freehand session. 

With that said, I can certainly understand the benefit of having a share link that allows user who are not members of the team or may not have an account still view and participate in the Freehand. 

This is a potential feature that our Product team is tracking the interest for, and so I'll go ahead and open tickets for each of you to track your interest for this. 



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Daniel Burkhardt
InVision ambassador Daniel Burkhardt , ambassador

Raynor B just to help you gauge interest, I am a potential customer of InVision, and I think this feature is *essential* for me to consider purchasing a subscription for my team.

Enrique Esparza
InVision ambassador Enrique Esparza , InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback. I'll make sure we get your vote counted towards this open feature request.

Have a great day!


NOTE: If anybody else would like to add their feedback about this potential feature, please use the “ADD YOUR VOTE” button on the original post.

Kannaa Chilla
InVision ambassador Kannaa Chilla , InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi Juha Flythström

Now you can Share a Freehand with external users for a limited period of time, using which the guest/visitor can view or edit the document till 48hours of link creation. 


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