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Ethan Welner
Ethan Welner Updated

Is there a way to change the background color of specs?

I've been using specs for the purpose of providing annotated design comps to engineers and I have been repeatedly running into a problem with the specs method of generating its background color. It seems to color itself based on either the dominant or border colors of the frames being uploaded. This means that all the UI's i'm uploading melt into the background and just present themselves as their interior features floating randomly in space. You can't see where the uploaded image actually begins or ends.

In other portions of Invision it's possible to manually alter the background color but I can't find any such system or any documentation covering it. Is this just a missing or cut feature? This feels like a very poor design decision on Invisions part. I can't really picture a scenario where I'd ever want the specs own background to mimic the images I'm uploading.

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Ethan Welner
InVision ambassador Ethan Welner , ambassador

Not a lot of support happening in this support community.


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