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Esraa Shata
Esraa Shata Updated

Suddenly I can't make interaction between artboards using shortcut C in sketch 70.5

when I click C a window of components opens and the link doesn't appear !

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Tom Walsh
InVision ambassador Tom Walsh , ambassador Edited

I have this issue too. It seems like Sketch's latest update uses the 'c' key to open 'insert' (usually found in 'window' dropdown) which blocks it working in Craft. Either an oversight on their part or a deliberate sabotage so users switch to their prototyping...

From a bit of Googling you can 'downgrade' to the previous version here:

Hope that helps. Pity we have to use these workarounds though...

Tom Walsh
InVision ambassador Tom Walsh , ambassador

Looks like Craft have changed it to 'k' now

Camille M
InVision ambassador Camille M , ambassador

Hi all,

Thanks for reaching out about this! We recently resolved a bug reported where Craft Prototype's "C" shortcut was sharing a key command with Sketch's Insert Window shortcut "C". I wanted to let you know we updated our keyboard command to use "K" Instead. 

To open the Craft Prototyping plugin in Sketch, now you'll press the K key rather than the C key, as Sketch now uses the C key as the shortcut for displaying the Components window. — From Craft release notes




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