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InVision ambassador ambassador
Erhan Lammar
Erhan Lammar Updated

Component export from sketch to DSM

When a created component with shades or other kinds of filters in sketch is exported to invision DSM the filters aren't visible in the created image. 

Also an image doesn't provide the needed information a fron-end developer needs (spacings, border-radius, ...) 

We know have to create an extra invision document space where we have to invite our front-end developers too. (some of them are also guests on our space which says that they are working on more than 2 documents, connected to this comes the amount of seats and the payments). 

This kind of working is a bit annoying as our design team has to do 2 uploads (1 to DSM and 1 to invision documents) also the development group has too switch continiously between these 2 areas. It would be more interesting if the inspect feature is also available within the DSM system. 

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Raynor B
InVision ambassador Raynor B , ambassador Edited

Hi Erhan,

Thanks for taking the time to reach out to our Community and share your feedback. We really appreciate it!

Your suggestion of incorporating Inspect with the DSM web view is a potential feature that our Product team is tracking the interest for.

I'll go ahead and open a ticket on your behalf to track your interest for this. Please keep an eye out for an email indicating that we’ve formally tracked your feedback.


NOTE: If anybody else would like to add their feedback about this potential feature, please “ADD YOUR VOTE” using the button on the original post.


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