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Scott Updated

invision onboarding ux from a new user perspective

I'd would prefer to have a not public line for contacting InVision, however they do not seem to offer any public facing emails that I could find. Ah well, same goes for Apple, most of my emails relating to some very abysmal examples of their UX probably go into a blackhole. Pandora might have acted on one of my feature requests. I sent a message detailing how they should have "deep cuts" for a mix setting. After several years of not paying attention to Pandora, I saw that they added deep cuts and several other settings. I'll never know if it was a coincidence because I never heard back. I think way back Groove Shark did acknowledge my existence. Remember that service? That app was cool.

I have some "onboarding" feedback for InVision. Some of the user guides are just too detailed. I am just looking for bare minimum stuff to get me started. New users don't want to wade through documention style help when starting.

A perfect example is below. As a user, I have a simple project in Sketch. It says here download plugin. The plugin has been downloaded, yet there is no other indication for how the sync happens exactly. At the least I would expect it anchor-linked to syncing info. Ideally it would just recongize that the software has been installed, and sync, redirect from here. At this point I have not gotten past this point! :D I just wanted to document this confusion as a real user. I just have no idea if this will get to the design team. What is the way to reach the designer powers that be? Wade through Twitter? Troll on someone who might be a designer at such and such? I don't know, but it seems like most companies just don't care. But seeing my particular qualm with this user experience, I wonder if they actually testing their own software with real people enough. I can't imagine I am the only one that would get held up at this step?


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Raynor B
InVision ambassador Raynor B , InVision Employee , ambassador

Hi there, Scott!

This is Raynor from InVision Support here. Thanks so much for reaching out with your feedback. I can understand that navigating our Knowledge Base can be overwhelming, but I'll be happy to help you to get up and running with Craft and point you in the direction of some resources. 

The Craft plugin works with Sketch or Photoshop. Once you've installed Craft, you'll then need to sync your design from within Sketch itself. 

Here are the installation instructions again, just in case: How do I install Craft Manager?

Please be sure to follow Step 5 to enabled Craft within Sketch. 

Once you've installed Craft, you should see the Craft toolbar within Sketch, along the edge of the right hand panel. Syncing your Sketch file is then just a case of clicking the Sync button, and following the prompts. 

You can find these instructions here: Craft - Sync

I hope this information gets you started with your prototype, but please get back to us if you have any further questions. 

Thanks, Scott!


InVision ambassador Scott , ambassador

Hi Raynor,

I guess I jumped to conclusions, based on past experience. Thank you for the prompt response! I did figure that out the next day, but I still appreciate it. I still think there should be a little more guidance on that page.  

I look forward to using InVision with my newly purchased Sketch software - it's a whole new world.




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