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Rick Tilghman
Rick Tilghman Updated

Bug w/ "Link to screen" from overlay (black screen)

Mac 10.15.7 / Craft 1.0.105 / Sketch 70.5

Per the title, there's what seems to be a strange bug that I can't get around in a recent invision prototype I built.  To summarize:

  • The prototype has a couple of overlay workflows for filtering menus (2-5 steps/screens per overlay, simulating the flow of configuring different filtering options in on screen overlays)
  • When I click on a hotspot in the last overlay that is set to "Link to screen" with a proper target the invision prototype display goes black.  Nothing except the Invision header/footer control bars.
  • However, if I click the control to change to the edit mode I can see the target page.  So, the context on the page changed properly, but Invision isn't displaying the page.

I've checked/rechecked/tested my prototype repeatedly, and everything is perfectly configured.  I'm also having this same problem with the end of another overlay flow, which indicates to me there is some kind of systemic issue with linking from an overlay to a screen (context change). The hotspot should cause the overlay to close and the target screen to appear, but it won't.

Interested in any insights folks have, very annoying.




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Camille M
InVision ambassador Camille M , ambassador

Hi Rick,

Thanks for reaching out! I see that you had already opened a ticket regarding this issue and a member of our Support team was working with you on this.

If you have any additional questions, please feel reply to that ticket or let us know here.




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